2ww Roundups (part 2)

4dpo – Sunday, June 10th

It was good to sleep in but I could have used more! I got ready and snuck quietly out of the apartment in an attempt to let my roommate sleep more. Then I went to work. Two little boys under two. One of them is a regular for me. They both had naps and then there was some playing. The new one had some separation issues but he was all smiles and giggles most of the time. Both sets of parents went to the baseball game with an older son. After, I went to the grocery store and bought a crazy amount of food. My bike was at capacity!

When I got home, I talked to my mom on the phone while I sat for a bit. I took forever making dinner, which was tomato basil soup, and didn’t get to bed on time.  I even skipped making biscuits and that was the whole point of making soup!

I was lamenting to my roommate about wanting to hang out with the girl I met.  She said we should have a pre-pride potluck on Friday; I got an immediate yes from the girl!  I feel like most of my crushes have not been reciprocated lately, and therefore I have not acted on them at all.  I was told by my friend, who saw us dance Saturday, that it looked very mutual.  This is all very exciting but also nerve wracking because I would need to be very up front about the whole trying to get pregnant thing.  I’m trying not to worry about it until it becomes more than just hopeful (the girl or the pregnant part).

5dpo – Monday, June 11th

I jolted awake with my alarm and definitely did not feel rested. I couldn’t find my glasses at first and I was only 4 minutes late for work. I really want a new bike but my mom says that’s not fun to shop for, because, ya know, my birthday is all about her or something…  Anyway. The Kid was salty today and overwhelmed me with continuous questions. She’s also picked up a baby voice from one of her friends. The Baby is so much trouble and so much fun! She is getting around everywhere and getting into everything. It also looks like she’ll be cutting teeth soon. The Kid and I made rainbow rice today.  She had fun but she also whined a ton.

I decided today was a cheeseburger day; they know me at the Udi’s by my work.  There was a mom with three boys under 5 at the table behind me.  They had been talking about the projects they did that day, the experiment they were going to do tomorrow, and the books they would like to get from the library next time.  While they were getting ready to leave, the middle one was having a fit about a change of plans.  Mom was handling it firmly and consistently as they worked their way out to their bikes.  A woman at the table in front of me said, under her breath, “She just needs to take that baby home.”  Um, isn’t that what she’s doing, you judge-mental b*$@#?!  I somehow refrained from saying anything at all to her and left.

I had the lofty goal of watching a movie tonight but instead I ate ice cream while chatting on FCL and finishing this post.  It is now time for bed and the skin on my upper arms and part of my back is super sensitive for no reason.  This is even weird for me, girl of a million maladies.

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I'm a gluten free, lesbian, nanny, performance poet, who rides a bicycle and likes to make sock monkeys. I grew up in Michigan, lived in Chicago 6 years, and relocated to Denver about a year ago. I am back to Michigan now and am waiting the arrival of my baby boy in February. Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment!
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