Pretty Good Day

I got to sleep until 7:15, though I could have used a few more hours. My ear is doing a little better. I got to shower alone after a breakfast of tostones and syrup. Then while Wallace took a bath I called AL&L about camp host openings and that I completed my application a couple days before. It went very well and I might have found a job for the summer season at a campground in West Virginia. My information gets passed to the next higher ups.

Wallace was getting cranky and I am working to instill nap/rest time again. After lunch was nap, which he fought a little but then crashed hard. I meant to get schoolwork done while he slept but instead played on Facebook because I don’t know how to start my last sociology assignment. When he woke up, we ate more and eventually made it out the door for the grocery store. He mostly behaved and I only had to tell him twice to stop screaching (seriously over it). When we got back, he had some snacks and got ready for bed less wildly than has been the case lately.

I am waiting for him to fall asleep now, there’s bone broth in the crock pot, and I can start on some reading for sociology while camping under the blanket on my bed.

Snuggling and singing to Nina this morning.

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12 Days of Poofy

We are more than halfway done with the 12 Days of Poofy and I realized I could share a link to my Instagram here! Check me out at Poofy_Organics_by_JennP and get some of the daily deals. I give a 10% refund to all new customers on your first order.

Today’s deals are Argan Oil and Everything Salve for 50% off!

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Baby Envy

Alright. I will admit it. I am so jealous of everyone who is ttc, pregnant, or has a new baby. I had to unfollow some birth related pages on Instagram because I get hit with envy and yearning. I have had multiple friends have babies or get pregnant in the recent past. I adore them all and love that they are making new awesome people, but it’s also hard to not be consumed by wanting what they have.

I know it would be completely unreasonable of me to get pregnant right now, or over the last year that my baby envy has kicked in, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting it. I then beat myself up a bit that my SMC plans did not go well (yes, I have Wallace and am a mom now, but losing my jobs and having to live with each of my parents was not the plan). I hate that I am still single mostly for the fact that I don’t have someone to combine resources with and make another baby. I hate that school plans have been rewritten a dozen times, that my financial situation is abismal, and that I can’t have another baby when my body and heart are so clearly ready (not all of my body as I’m still working on healing my autoimmune disease/s).

I miss the unknown, the anticipation, the growing, the wondering, the planning. I miss the labor, the breastfeeding, the firsts, the soft skin and tiny hands. I miss the falling in love, the getting to know, the oneness. I miss the babywearing, the diapers, the tiny clothes.

Of course there are things I don’t miss, but I got through them all and am better because of it. I want to do it again as a new experience and as having more experience this time. I want another baby.

He was so soft and the only thing I could focus on.

At a breastfeeding and babywearing event in Chicago.

My sidekick on my back.

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Live Wire

That’s what a man in the waiting room at OT said today about Wallace after 30 seconds of observation. And it’s true. He is a live wire; wild, loud, rambunctious. This has increased lately as it seems he needs more sleep than he is getting, possibly related to the time change, definitely related to refusing naps again. In order to keep himself awake, he is constantly moving and making noise (I’d say talking, but often it is screeching). I haven’t figured out how to get him the sleep he needs, so I’m open to ideas.

Other words to describe my child are caring, sweet, creative, funny, inquisitive, cautious, goofy, loving, thoughtful, helpful, sensitive, and he remembers everything. His memory is freakishly accurate at times and I can ask him about something that happened months ago, what color something was a week later, or where I put something. I love it when he is helpful by choice and he’s been doling out the hugs and “I love you’s” a lot. He is currently brushing my hair and being so gentle while “finding my part.”

I’m trying to remember to look right at him when he talks, hold his hand for more than safety, and be more appreciative and complimentary. He is such an amazing little person and I’m afraid that my imperfections and short temper will harm him when even a stern voice can bring on tears. I hope he keeps on forgiving me as I learn to be his momma.

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MicroBlog Monday: Migraines

I have had migraines* as long as I remember along with the precursor of motion sickness. I was medicated by an inept neurologist from age 11 to 18. I tried medicine again at about 20 and ended up having a reaction (kidneys maybe?). Then I got very sick with what I determined to be celiac disease. I have tried pretty much every trick to get my migraines under control. Here’s a list of what has been the most effective.

  • Chiropractic
  • The right pillow
  • A firm mattress
  • Yoga (lots of back bends)
  • NSAIDs at a higher dose than recommended
  • Gluten free diet (about 10 years)
  • Dairy free diet (over a year)
  • Autoimmune Protocol (about 7 months)

Things that trigger my migraines:

  • Certain foods
  • LED lights
  • Neck pain
  • Not enough sleep
  • Chemical smells
  • Eucalyptis
  • Physical strain
  • Low blood pressure (orthostatic hypotension)

I recently decided to try a daith piercing and it might be helping but is having a hard time healing. I’d share a picture but it’s not very good looking right now and ear selfies are best deleted. If it heals properly and helps then I might get the other side done.

*I currently have one and can’t think of much else but realized it is Monday and I want to blog.

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Wordless Wednesday

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MicroBlog Monday: Three times

Two and a half weeks ago I decided to get an ear piercing that is supposed to help with migraines. It is called a daith piercing and I first heard about it over a year ago, then a friend showed me hers over a month ago, and then a woman in my AIP support group was talking about it. True to form, third time I learned about it I was ready to give it a try.

Right after getting it done.

When I had first learned about it, I dismissed it because it didn’t have any strong evidence that I could find online. Acupuncturists dispute the validity of the points it goes through and yet there is anecdotal evidence that shows it works. I have decreased my pain and migraines so much with diet changes but was still getting debilitating migraines that medicine wasn’t helping. So far since getting it done, I have had two migraines and a few headaches that felt like they might get bad but didn’t.

The piercing itself was quite painful and I have a lot of experience to compare it to. The evening after, it felt like the nerves on the whole right side of my head were protesting and I had to take ibuprofin. I had issues with a small tear and swelling on days 5 and 6 and had to get the jewelry switched out, which was more painful than the initial piercing. It is back to healing but could be months before I can sleep on my right side. If all goes well then I might get my left side pierced as well as my migraines are not one sided.
This ended up longer than intended, oops! Today is the last day for the Poofy Organics sale so go check that out!

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