I think it’s time to explain the name of my blog.  It’s been almost a year and no one has asked, so I will ask for you!

You: What in the world does the name of your blog mean!?

Me: It’s me being funny!  Don’t you get it?

You: <silence>

Me: Oh…

It is a spoof of one my favorite children’s books by one of my favorite authors, Robert Munsch.  It is funny to me…  And my parents might get it.  But basically, I have only met one other person who has even heard of the book and she’s Canadian, like the author, and worked at Borders (RIP) with me so she knows books.  So yeh, kinda obscure.

(You should at least know who Robert Munsch is.  He wrote that horrid book, Love You Forever that everyone gets you when you have a baby.  It’s so sad and I refuse to read it.  Everything else by him is ridiculously hilarious while still teaching something.)

But, it’s obscure for a reason.  It’s not a book that you would find in schools and I have yet to find it on the shelf of a library.  That is because it is called Good Families Don’t and it is about farts.


(Are you seeing the connection and humor yet?  If not, I suggest clicking the linked title above and listening to the story.)

So basically, I’m saying that I fart.  Don’t you?

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Single mom by choice, lesbian, natural living, parenting, car free, Chicago.Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment!
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5 Responses to Explanations

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  2. Ha, I wondered if your blog title had something to do with that book! I love Robert Munsch; he’s from my hometown, and I grew up reading his books. They are all so great, and funny, and quirky 🙂

  3. Yep! But it is such a little inside joke that I worry people take the name of the blog seriously. My mom is a teacher and my dad was a bookstore manager so I got exposed to a lot of books other kids might not have. I read it to Wallace a few weeks ago and he calls it “toot book.”

  4. Toot book, that’s great! We have a book called ‘everyone poops’ – it was a big hit with our nephew when he was little.
    How lucky to be exposed to so many books as a kid!

  5. That is a great one too. I don’t have it though.

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