Bare Bones Birth Story

This is missing a lot of details and is fairly unedited. I hope to add more to it later.

Light but regular contractions started 41w3d at 11am at my third NST. Water broke next day at 6pm and went to hospital at 9pm. Contractions were regular but not causing much dilation. I walked, rocked on the yoga ball, and rested over night. Next day, I consented to prostaglandin gel at 11am, along with antibiotics. Rested on my side in order to try to not wash the gel out with my periodic waterfalls. More walking after that but did not make significant progress. The midwife told me if I did not consent to pitocin that she would have to label me high risk and pass me to an OB. I felt we had a better chance with her than the OB. We started the process of pitocin at 5pm. First, we monitored for 20mins to determine the pressure level of my contractions via an internal catheter monitor. There was also an external monitor on the baby. My contractions were about 110 and they needed to be in the 220 range she said. We did 20 minute increments starting with a 1, and tracking the pressure. Blood pressure done then moved up to a 2, etc. I do not know how high the medicine got, a 6 or 8 I think, but I started progressing and they stopped increasing. The contractions were so intense that I lost control of myself and was not in a good frame of mind. I was able to get back in control when I hit transition. My mom told me they did not get my contractions to the goal pressure of 220 because they were strong enough as it was. At some point before transition they put a monitor on Wallace’s scalp because I was moving around too much for the external one. The contraction were hellish and transition was one on top of the other with no real pause between. I was exhausted and would start to dream between them. I wanted to give up. I wanted to rip everything off me and curl up under a tree to nap. I kept going. As transition ended, I felt like I had to push, that my body was going to do it whether I wanted to or not. I was insistent the midwife get her ass back in the room right away. I could make sentences again, which I hadn’t been able to do since about 5cm. I switched from a modified hands and knees position to squatting half off the edge of the covetable birthing hospital bed with my mom behind me. The midwife put warm compresses and gentle pressure to stretch me. Pushing was about 20 minutes. Wallace was born at 10:41pm at 41w5d. I had minimal abrasions that we’re like pinched skin according to the midwife. I would not do pitocin or any other induction again if I get the opportunity. It was unnecessary but the best option I had.

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3 Responses to Bare Bones Birth Story

  1. EQ's Mama says:

    Ah, I so know that feeling of losing it during the damn pitocin contractions. That’s exactly what it was like for me! I felt like I forgot who I was during them, it was just a wave of pain and I was nothing but that pain. Then the contraction would end and suddenly there I was again in exhaustion and emotion before bam!
    Fingers crossed both of us can avoid that terrible crap next time ❤

  2. You did what you had to do to get your little boy into the world safe and sound. I haven’t experienced birth (yet) but I am hopeful both my wife and hopefully myself will be able to do it all natural, but then again, who knows. Birth plans sometimes change.

  3. I think a lot of it is having the right care provider. I hope you both get to experience it!

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