Cross Your Fingers

In an attempt to network, I joined a local nanny group on Facebook. I introduced myself and immediately got a friend request and message from a nanny I met in the park over the summer. I thought we hit it off great but she lost my number before and didn’t seem interested in getting together. She said this time she lost her phone and had been wondering how I was. I’ve been feeling really ditched lately so I’m hoping this is genuine.

Anywho, she is in a nanny share that is also a live in deal. The family she has been living with is abruptly moving to California. She was going to stay on with the other family who found another baby for the nanny share, but then she would still have to find a place to live. She was just offered a better paying job and accepted it.

As we were catching up, I told her what I’ve been dealing with and that I am desperately looking for a full time job. She gave me all the details and is going to give them my information when she gives them her notice. It would be perfect! I have met E who is 19 months and K says I parent similarly to E’s parents. They live about a mile away and it would be a very easy commute. The other baby is 12 months old and they live very close to E’s family.

I need something good to happen. I really need this job. They just have to be okay with Wallace and think I’m great.

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6 Responses to Cross Your Fingers

  1. Lindsay says:

    Fingers crossed! You’ll have your hands full if you get the job, but I know you’ll do great!

  2. It will be hella easier than what I’ve got now! A 3:1 child teacher ratio is what most daycares do at that age.

  3. Fingers crossed for you! I hope you get it!!

  4. She still has to tell them and there is some drama going on with the mom being dramatic and trying to guilt her.

  5. Sarah says:

    Hoping for the best for you! You seem quite low-drama to me – no more than we obviously know each other! Maybe that vibe will appeal to a dramatic mama, if you feel you can handle a possible third “child”.

  6. As of last night the fellow nanny officially told the family she needs tl accept this other job. Both parents cried. I get it though because as a parent you develop trust for and dependency on a person who helps raise your child. Big upheaval and stress when they were told by the family they shared her with they were moving across the country and then now she isn’t going to stay with them. I haven’t been told if she has given them my infomation or not like she offered. I have had one response on sittercity but an interview hasn’t been set up. I am more nervous about that job that would be one infant than the nanny share with three one year olds. My current job is so crazy that I honestly think 3 toddlers would be a breeze.

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