I’m overwhelmed and have been trying to deny the stress I am feeling. Just so much isn’t going right.

I’ve not had any job interviews set up. Of the 16 emails I sent out on the nanny website, I had one response and she has not replied since. The friend who is leaving a nanny share said she told the mom about me and she didn’t like that I have a kid who would be coming. The other friend who has two days with a family near me hasn’t decided yet if she wants to find something else for sure. I ran into that mom at the park this afternoon and she knew who I was and was very nice. I’ve posted my info in a few online groups but haven’t had any responses yet. As far as work, I don’t know what else to do.

The rest of it all seems minor compared to the money part of it. But, it would really help if I felt I had one or two good people to lean on for emotional support and ideas. I feel pretty alone in all of this. People come to me to discuss their issues, like both of these nanny buddies, but then who do I get to go to? Apparently, no one has the attention span or desire to reciprocate.

Without a solution to these problems and no one to spend time with, I’m throwing myself into reading. That’s about all I can do to try to remain calm and keep my head above water.

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Single mom by choice, lesbian, natural living, parenting, car free, Chicago.Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment!
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6 Responses to Floundering

  1. Sarah says:

    I almost know how you’re feeling – I’m not you, obviously – with friends coming to me for support but aren’t great at giving it in with returning the favor. I know part of that is because, what? I allow that, or don’t really feel comfortable sharing my issues, but some of it is because I want them to act like they care without my having to ask!

    I’ve had some friends say they thought I was doing so well it never occurred to them I was struggling, but don’t we all?

    And I too, love to leave it all behind and dive into a good story – or lesson. Maybe it’s avoiding problems in the now, but it’s a nice break from the onslaught in my brain!

    Wishing you success as things move forward!

  2. I feel like when I do attempt to talk with friends they don’t really respond much. Like their responses don’t allow for continued conversation. I’m sorry you feel this way too. To be fair, I have a mom friend I talk to via text a lot but she is busy this weekend so I don’t feel I can vent to her. I just sent out another dozen emails for nanny jobs.

  3. I have no solution but thinking of you and wanted you to know someone is out here listening.

  4. Lindsay says:

    This is tough, I feel for you. Everyone needs their “person” to vent to. Maybe for now you can think of your blog readers as your ‘person’ and we’ll all chime in? Have you tried actually sharing your feelings/thoughts with the other nannies who lean on you, and they just don’t listen? I would think one of them at least would have the time to chat with you since you do that for her.

    I was going to suggest maybe looking for work outside of nannying, but I’m not sure if you would be willing to leave Wallace in someone else’s care. And of course that would create another headache of finding childcare for him. So thinking about that, I sincerely hope you get some responses to the nanny job emails you’ve been sending.

  5. Thanks. I do like having this space to put things and I always appreciate everyones comments and support. It has helped numerous times! One nanny friend listened a bit, the other was too wrapped up in her own stuff for anything more than a perfunctory acknowledgement. I was about to interview for a job at a yoga studio but it is totally stressing me out thinking about childcare. In order to afford it, I would have to get assistance from the state. Then there would be getting a list, calling places for availability, and visiting. With what the pay rate was there, totally not worth it. I was thinking a non nanny job would be best to have more stability and career opportunities but nothing is coming up. I have the goal of becoming an IBCLC and am in the gathering info stage. If I can find a job working for WIC as a peer counselor then I can use that to get the required experience hours. For that, I would look into childcare! I’ve not yet figured out how to get that job though. I have sent out another dozen emails and am working on applying with agencies, but many will not try to place you if you have a kid you bring with you.

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