Diaper Woes

I really miss cloth diapers! I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this since switching to disposables, but I really do. Wallace will even try to give me cloth to put on him. I just can’t physically handle the hand washing of them. It is also much nicer not hauling diapers back and forth to work.

Besides missing cloth, our biggest woe is that the brand of diapers we are using is causing him to break out in eczema all around his stomach. I had tried to get Seventh Generation or Earth’s Best brands any time we needed them in the past but I can’t afford them right now. He has also had Up&Up, Luv’s, CVS brand, and Tippy Toes (I think that’s what it was, didn’t like it). I grabbed these Huggies on a whim because CVS didn’t have Seventh Generation despite giving me coupon for them. They offered to apply it to a different brand. I hate the smell pf Luv’s so Huggies it was. This only solidifies my reasons for disliking the materials in diaposables. Yuck. I will have to treck to Target tomorrow to buy some more Up&Up.

We have been working on potty training almost constantly while we are at home and he is making huge strides. Mostly rocking the naked butt with a shirt. He goes through 2-4 disposables a day including his nap and night diapers. Some naps he wakes up dry and I get him on the potty as quick as we can. Sometimes he sits down to eat and pees in his chair. Or he climbs up on the trunk by the window and pees while he is busy watching for “yucky yucky trucks.” It is best when I bring his potty seat out into the living room and remind him he can use it. I say “if you need to pee, where do you go?” and he points at his seat and says “potty!”

I’ve also been working on getting him used to the insert that goes on the toilet. In order to fully potty train he is going to have to get comfortable with it. The one I have folds so it can fit in a bag. He was terrified of it until A, the three year old I work with, showed him how to use it. Then he was obsessed! He finally peed for the first time on it tonight. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a piece on the front for boys so I have to teach him to aim!

Since I just dumped all the pictures from my phone into my computer and most of them were half naked anyway, this unrelated picture will have to do!


Having a snack on our walk home from the grocery store and this spot called to him.


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2 Responses to Diaper Woes

  1. Lindsay says:

    I still hate disposables, even though we’ve been using them for nearly 6 months now. The Luvs were terrible – they smelled ghastly and broke Evelyn out into a rash around her tummy. Pampers still smell, but those are our chosen brand because they don’t break her out.

  2. Yuck, that’s no good. It is too cold for me to treck with Wallace to the store today and I only have two target diapers left.

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