Microblog Monday: Christmas Cards

My dad and I have had an unofficial competition the last two years to see who gets the most Christmas cards. We taped them up on opposite sides of the opening between the kitchen and dining room. There were some issues with cards sent to us collectively as a family but now this year no one has my new address.

I upped the ante this year by making some rules for it. We tally after the New Year, whenever we both receive our cards from a specific friend. The loser buys the winner a box of cards they have to send out the next year – I’m thinking buy after holiday clearance and make them funny.

I was bumming that I wouldn’t be able to send any cards due to that no money thing, but I remembered a pack of blank cards and found some stamps I could spare. Wallace and I went to town with ink, markers, colored pencils, and a glue stick.


Exclusive limited edition cards!

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One Response to Microblog Monday: Christmas Cards

  1. Sarah says:

    So much sweeter than standard cards! That would be a cool tradition… as long as it’s fun for you both! Love the competition, too. 🙂

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