Night One

We did it! We made it 12 hours without nursing.

We missed the normal bedtime, nursed about 7:45, I explained to him what was going to happen, we got ready for bed, and we read one more book. We then had a 10 minute search for his water bottle before we made it to lying down in bed at about 8:15. He only asked for tatas a few times but understood. He did not want to lie down in bed with me. He did not want to lie down in his bed. He didn’t really cry. He squirmed around, kicked the wall, requested songs, and cuddled dolls. After almost an hour, I had to pee again. I held him tummy to tummy while I went and he put his head on my chest/shoulder. I stood and swayed and he was asleep within ten minutes. I put him in his bed, got the bad news I didn’t get the job offer, and ate a bowl of ice cream while I read.

I went to bed about 10:30. Wallace was a little restless and I had a hard time sleeping, but he didn’t wake up until about 1:15. That is 4 hours, a pretty good stretch for him! My boobs had been feeling sore from when I put him to bed and surprisingly didn’t feel horrible by this time.

Unfortunately, Wallace didn’t go back to sleep easily. He wanted me stand and sway again but after a half hour of that and three failed attempts to set him down, my back was not having it. He did not want to lie on me or next to me or in his bed. He did not want me to put him in the ring sling. He cried and cried and yelled “ah bed” while hitting his hand to his leg for emphasis. Supposedly he wanted to be in his bed, a pack n play, but if I put him in there he flipped out even worse. He asked for banana but I explained he could have one in the morning. It had to have been 3:30 by the time he cried himself to exhaustion and allowed himself to fall asleep next to me.

We woke around 7:30 and I allowed him to nurse and doze for a bit. He looked exhausted and I felt hung over. He requested his banana and he ate it plus a bowl of rich yogurt. He drank a decent amount of water overnight and was much less obsessed with tatas than I had predicted. Just the 2 hours of crying and boycotting sleep was rough on both of us. I hope tonight is easier.


Our morning snuggles and tata.

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3 Responses to Night One

  1. Lindsay says:

    YAY! That’s awesome! I tip my hat to both of you and hope tonight goes well.

  2. Thank you! We are getting ready for bath/shower.

  3. Sarah says:

    Nicely done! Sorry you didn’t get the job offer, though! :/

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