Night Six

He kept delaying falling asleep by wanting to sing or jump or look out the window for airplaines. I think it was because we were out of routine.

We have been doing a lot of baths before bed but I didn’t do one last night. I don’t want to dry out his skin even though he gets a baby massage with coconut oil after his bath. He broke out in the beginnings of eczema all around his waste from some Huggies diapers (just got the reimbursement from them!). It isn’t quite gone yet.

Once he gave in and fell asleep, it was close to 9. I had the tail end of a migraine and didn’t fall asleep until close to 10. I don’t remember Wallace waking up and me getting him. He woke up at 4ish and had a hard time falling back to sleep. Not a lot of crying but he was begging for tatas for a bit. He then got goofy and I had to try to keep him in bed. It took about an hour to get him back to sleep.

I had to set an alarm for work today and woke up just before it. I feel tired and had lots of weird dreams. Being awake in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back asleep right away is hard. I’m hoping this is a short lived phase and he figures out how to fall back asleep. Also, sleeping with a restless octopus next to me is hard!

So far no migraine today and I managed not to speak my mind to my boss/friend. No idea how I am going to get Wallace to take a nap here. He is ready but there is no way he will fall asleep with the girls playing.

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