Night Nine

It’s 5am. I am so exhausted.

Wallace was all screwed up on sleep yesterday. He fell asleep on the bike ride home from the interview (faster than walking) and then we had to eat and go right back out the door for work. He managed to nap while the girls watched Frozen. That was 4-5pm ish, which is really late for him. We didn’t get to eat dinner until 7:30.

I got him down to sleep about 8:45. I don’t remember getting him from his pack n play or nursing him. It was out of habit. His sleep has been super light and so has mine. For a while last night I think he was waking ever 10 minutes. It was a lot like the time I accidentaly gave him chips with Msg.

I gave in at about 5am and nursed him. My boobs were thankful. He nursed both sides then was just pinching me and not falling asleep or unlatching. I made him unlatch. He was pissed but fell asleep pretty quick. Then the heater started clanking at 7 and I think I got another half an hour after that.

I WILL be napping today.

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3 Responses to Night Nine

  1. Lindsay says:

    Gosh, this many days in a row with really bad sleep, you’re sticking with it! You’re doing so well.

  2. Most are bettet than it equal to the 21 months before it!

  3. Sarah says:

    For me, even with the frequent wake ups and restlessness, the quality of the sleep I got while not nursing was so much better than having her latched on half the night (plus frequent wake ups and restlessness!) that my worst nights of night weaning were no worse than my average night nursing…. if that makes sense! Hopefully that’s how it’s going for the two of you as well!

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