Nights Ten and Elleven

The new thing is to wake up about 5 and then cry for tatas and refuse to calm down and relax. He doesn’t want anything I can offer him. Or he wants his socks or shirt on and off and on and off.

I refuse to call that morning so I try to get him back to sleep. This morning, we managed to fall back asleep but not for long enough. I feel brain dead like I need caffeine. We also had to get up for work so we couldn’t laze around and I won’t be able to nap with him, if I can even get him to nap.

He has been having a hard time with when I set him down in his pack n play asleep. He coughs and then wakes himself up. Then of course he doesn’t want to unlatch when I get him back to sleep. His cough was almost gone but now he has a runny nose again. Last night he was messing with his left ear a bunch, which is the one the urgent care doctor said was infected when I had his cough checked out a few weeks ago. I need to start the garlic oil again but I really don’t want to have to cut out dairy.

Job Update
Today is my last scheduled day with the kids I have been with since July.

I start a three week full time job on the 12th. I’m really excited about this family. I will have a 5 month old girl and then two days a week her 3 year old brother will be with us too. Too bad they don’t need me for long term! This will cover me for February but I won’t have enough for January as it stands. And, I just realized that I didn’t get an email that my hours were submitted for this last week. Ugh.

I should hear about a job that would start right after that today. I am not holding my breath, but I would like the job. It is with a 3 month old and is close by to me. The parents are really chill for this being their first baby. I need to start applying for more jobs.


We have been biking around because it is faster than walking and I can’t spare the money for the bus. We don’t go places we don’t have to, of course. This was after the interview for the temporary job and before a quick stop at home before heading to work.

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