Night Twelve

My brain is fried right now. It seems that getting some solid sleep is making my constant mom-hangover worse. The super light dozing I get after 5 or 6am negates the good sleep. It also makes me really grumpy.

Wallace fell asleep on our ride hims from work yesterday and had a late nap that threw off the rest of the evening. I didn’t get him to sleep until neatly 10pm. Not good. Then he was up about 5, which I held him and swayed then sat, until he fell back asleep. But! He woke up when I tried to set him down. My boobs were very uncomfortable so I gave up smd nursed him about 7.


He is also a whiney grump today for lack of sleep.

I got him to nap a little before 12pm and tried to go to sleep too. I think I got 5-10 minutes before he woke up. Now he is on me, latched on doing the fluttery thing. Exaclty what I don’t want to encourage. I am just hoping that by the time we start the full time temp job, I will have some better brain function and we will be in a good routine.

I didn’t get the February job. They had a family member get laid off and they decided to hire her. I need the use of my gray matter to get more application letters emailed.

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Single mom by choice, lesbian, natural living, parenting, car free, Chicago.Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment!
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