The Whole-Brain Child

I started reading The Whole-Brain Child last year, though I haven’t finished it, and I highly recommend checking it out. I love it when things I learned from books help me in real situations with kids.

My son needs to process things that happened a lot and for a long time and this book taught me how to do that and the importance of it. He is still talking about when he coughed so hard he puked up bread a few weeks ago. He also retells happy things like “Beeba wall. Beeba ceiling. Away.” That is when there was a ladybug in the apartment three months ago. Usually he just needs to retell the story with me and talk about it for a minute.

At 2am Wallace woke up freaked out. I couldn’t figure it out for a bit and my attempts to calm him (without nursing) were not working. He said something that made me realize what it was. At work yesterday he got his thumb pinched in a Thomas train that is battery powered. He also got his finger pinched in it and he got a finger in a closet door. It was a rough day for him! I talked him through how he pinched his finger, offered some ice, and he immediately calmed down and his eyes closed. When he woke at 4am yelling “away! Away!” I told him we put the train away. I didn’t even pick him up out of his bed, and he fell right back to sleep. He slept almost all of the night in his bed, which was a first.

Seeing this all work and things clicking in his little head, I want to finish the book!  I’m sure there are more gems in it and it is on Janet Lansbury has talked about before.

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