New Shoes


On Friday, we got Wallace’s orthotics. Finally! I have known for a year he would benefit from them and he was fitted for them the end of October. I was anxious that something would happen again to prevent us from getting them or that they would no longer fit.

We went after nap and were out the door late. He had horrible naps all week because of work and he needed to make up for them. Then he wanted to eat and be a ridiculous toddler. The whole way there I told him we were on our way to get new shoes and he was excited!


I love how much alike we look in this picture!

He played in the waiting room until they called us back. Tim, I don’t know his title but he did the casts and was the one working with us, is awesome. He is very sweet, takes his time explaining, loves kids (is a dad), and doted on Wallace. We were both pleased with the way they looked – I had to pick out colors and things at the first visit – and Wallace was a fan too. He went to go make some adjustments so we took some pictures.


Vacuuming and pushing a big truck in a stroller.

Once the adjustments were made, we had to somehow get them into his shoes that barely fit. This included ripping out the insoles, a shoehorn, and flipping the tongue out. Then he had to run around in them for ten minutes. Tim had to show me what to watch for on his feet as he got used to them, and make sure he didn’t need to make any more adjustments. My prediction is that these are going to fit him three months at the most. Maybe one good foot growth spurt and the joint at the base of his big toe will be past where it has to be.


A new fashion statement.

He is really loving them and is getting better at walking in them. The real kicker was getting his first new pair of shoes to go with them. They had to be a size bigger and in wide width in order to accommodate the orthotics. We checked Sears on the way home but they didn’t have anything that would work.

Saturday we went to Alamo Shoes. They were having a sale so it was busy and swarming with sales people. I am a fan of real customer services and keeping local businesses going, but it was a bit overwhelming for me. The man who helped us didn’t really seem familair with orthotics but he searched for some options and one of the two he found work great. The first pair Wallace tried on were huge and clunky and being a size larger than he needed were impossible for him to walk in. Once the second pair was decided on, I asked if there were any other color options for me to show him. He said no, but I fee like there would have been a girl version and he refused to show them to us. Oh well, Wallace loves his blue shoes!


We had to play at the park since it was over 30 degrees.

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  1. Sarah says:

    How exciting to see how this will help him!

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