Play Dough!

Four years ago I made play dough for kids I worked with for a couple months. The girl twin had 5 food allergies including wheat so they didn’t have any play dough. Here is the link to my old and long neglected gluten free blog where I explained how I made it. I pulled that up today since it worked well last time.

I have been putting off making some for Wallace but I finally did it! He helped do the dry mixing and then the mixing in of the wet ingredients before putting it on the stove. He kept pretending to add in more cream of tartar and then got mad when I had to take it away to heat it up.

He has been putting his hands in his food and smooshing and mixing it around. Lovely. It seemed like a good time to give him something he can squish. He only tried to put it in his mouth three times.



Then we got out of the house for a walk to the bank before nap. He is really hitting an independent stage and doesn’t want to hold my hand when we walk. I’m not okay with that so he either ends up on being carried, which defeats the purpose of the walk.

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