The Moments

I don’t want to forget all these great little things about Wallace right now. His personality is amazing and his language is exploding. It is these moments that I wish I had someone to share him with.

*He is standing mesmerized in front of a big Tv watching a dancing and singing group. He is enthralled. Then a truck goes past behind the dancers and he says “big truck!”

*At a job interview and he is playing with toys and sees a big (no longer working) anamatronic horse. He looks to me for reassurance and I tell him he can check it out. He sees its face, puts his hand in its mouth, puts necklaces on it. All of a sudden he wants to get on it.


*He is on my back and we are walking to the train after work. He points up at the moon and says “moon. Up up high.” I see it and say yes and he says “have it!” I tell him it is too high and I can’t get the moon for him. He says “moon. Want it.”

*He sees my suitcase in the closet and pulls it out saying “train. Hoo hop. Bapa.” He drags it around the apartment pretending he is taking a train ride to go see Grandpa.

*He has a fever and threw up. Took a nap on my back. I had to set him down in a chair and the 4 year old at work got him laughing at silly noises.

*On the train coming home from the doctor and it is very crowded. He points out a man’s bag and then his hat. We talk to him for a minute (the bag has a bassoon in it) and he gets off the train, saying bye. As the doors close, Wallace says “bye friend!”

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3 Responses to The Moments

  1. Lindsay says:

    Awwww. So cute. This age has so many adorable moments. I’ve been trying to write down good Evelyn quips in a journal for her. Or, maybe for myself. I never want to forget.

  2. He says some ridiculously cute things very matter of factly and then he can also be so silly. I love it!

  3. It so important to remember these wonderful moments. They are such interesting beings

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