IBCLC Program Options

I have been researching my program options to become an IBCLC and delving further into the requirements of the different Pathways.

The Birthingway program in Portland looks like it will match my views and personality the best. It culminates in an assosiates degree, includes the clinical hours, and is focused on holistic care. It is a Pathway 2 option and they have their own on site clinic.

The International Breastfeeding Centre is more clinical. It is a Pathway 3 and the supervised clinical hours are at their centre. It is pretty renowned and would be an honor to get to study there, if Canada will have me.

There are some good options for distance learning like this Arizona State University one that is two, self led, five week long courses. I like that this one is set up academically. There is an intensive in person one in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It is two week long courses. The problem with these Pathway 3 options is that they do not include the 500 supervised clinical hours.

I was doing more research on this today and it is a lot! You have to find a willing and established IBCLC or two, set up a plan, set up a business agreement (including payment), and get it approved by the IBCLE people. I had been under the impression that it was able to be supervised by a midwife and the delusion that it would be more hands off on their part. I also thought WIC peer counselor jobs counted and now I am confused. I am concerned that in Michigan I would have a hard time finding an IBCLC to supervise me but that would be a bit easier to find here in Chicago.

Either way it is looking like moving back to Michigan in order to do my prerequisites and health sciences courses would be a wise decision. There are still a few more distance  programs to look into and there is a degree program in North Carolina but I am not feeling it. I know this is a medical field but I want it to be a human focused career. I really get a good feeling from the Portland one for that.

My current preferences ranking is:
1) Toronto (unlikely)
2) Portland
3) ASU distance
4) Ann Arbor intensive


Riding the escalator up to the grocery store and loving the live jazz.

Meanwhile, I have all kinds of feels about this whole process. My motivation to become an IBCLC centers around being passionate about breastfeeding, a need for more great LCs, a drive to be great at it, and a desire to have a career that will support Wallace and me that I can rely on and love.

In order to accomplish this goal, we will have to be away from each other for parts of days. I think he is close to being ready for that especially if he is with his beloved grandpa. I have been trying to envision difference scenarios and being back in Michigan for a bit gives me the least anxiety. Then we would be accustomed to being apart from each other and could handle daycare or preschool situations. I really would love to be able to keep him with me and to homeschool him but my choice to be a SMC is really going to limit that.

Now I need a nap.

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