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Just sharing some things I have been reading, not IBCLC related!

This article on Brain, Child about sibling spacing. Makes me feel okay with not having close together children. Not just okay but actually good about it. The idea of having two small children at once is daunting even though I just got two one year olds to sleep at the same time. Pursuing this education means I will not be getting pregnant until I am done with my exam, unless there is some miracle of a change in circumstances like the lottery.

I have a pet peeve. I cannot stand it when people and companies confuse homeopathy and natural remedies. I just saw a bottle of essential oil spray today that claims it is a homeopathic remedy. Um, no. So, since I talk about homeopathy sometimes, here is an explanation of what it is.

Some muffins I need to make again.

Maybe once Wallace’s orange play dough that I made dries out I will make this coconut oil play dough for him. I do love coconut oil!

I just finished reading Mr Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore. It was good and a page turner. A couple places I felt were awkward or little over the top, but overall I loved the story and characters.

Here is a link to a pdf of the full 25 page insert for the MMR vaccine, straight from Merck. It is something doctors are legally obligated to hand out to each person they vaccinate but typically do not. And here is a link to more vaccine inserts. I read the inserts for the medication I take or give to my child.

And a little something I came across randomly thanks to Google.

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