Every once in a while I get a message from WordPress saying my “stats are booming!” Sometimes I know why, like when I shared my blog link on autostraddle a few weeks ago.


Exhibit A: Autostraddle spike.

I just got one of these messages and saw the stats page for today. The dark blue is the number of readers and the light blue is how many page views for the day. Basically that shows that one or a few people just sat and read a ton of entries.


Exhibit B: today's statistics and it isn't even noon.

Hello new reader/s! Who are you? How did you find me blog? Are you enjoying reading? Do you have a blog, too? I am very intrigued when these views spike like this.

What I love about blogging, besides writing incessantly about my life, is getting to know other people’s stories and reading their blogs too. So please say hi and share your blog link – I would love to know more about my readers.

Fun Facts: it also shows me what countries the readers are from and if they click on any links. Sometimes I can see what search terms brought them to me, mostly it is my blog title.

I have lots of old posts password protected back when there was a lot of drama going down in my life. If you would like to read old posts, please send me an email at my blog name at gmail and I will give you the password.


Bonus picture of Wallace playing dress up.

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9 Responses to Statistics

  1. Lindsay says:

    Someone had a field day! I’ve had two very busy days for hits/stats thanks to my article on Offbeat Families. It equal parts excites me and makes me feel vulnerable, having a larger audience.

  2. Vulnerible is exactly it!

  3. ruthmeaney says:

    I had a spike this week when I posted a meal plan template. Was super exciting!! I love the country list. Someone in Gibraltar looked at my blog! Had to google where that was!

  4. Meal plans are all the rage! Looks like you are egg free? I am gluten free, try not to eat much meat, and have had to cut out various things with breastfeeding. Finding gluten free and vegetarian meals my picky toddler will eat is hard!

  5. ruthmeaney says:

    I can imagine! My toddler and I can’t have egg, fish, sesame, hazelnut or pecan due to her allergies. Boy do I miss seafood pad thai!! And hummus!! Have you had a look at veggie mama? She has loads of kid friendly veg recipes. I made a pumpkin and black bean tortilla bake this week which would be easy to make gluten free. Posted the photo of the recipe on my Facebook page if you like the sound of it.

  6. ruthmeaney says:

    The other veg blog I loooooove is 101 cookbooks. So good!

  7. He will pretty much only eat broccoli. Sometimes sweet potato fries, and he has liked dilly beans.

  8. ruthmeaney says:

    At least those are all super healthy! I know my toddler gets super fussy when she is tired. Last night all she would eat was plain tortillas and plain yoghurt……

  9. Make your own hummus without tehini! It’s not hard. We are doing a cranky lunch right now. Cheese, pear, and a couple gf crackers.

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