Introducing Froggy

I have been simultaneously hoping and dreading Wallace would get attached to a stuffed animal. I thought for sure it was the ladybug but that was short lived. He then would flip flop with the cats I crocheted or a baby doll or the bunny from Good Night Moon. I think he has finally found something and it left the house with us for the first time today.



The Story of Froggy

When Wallace and I went to Michigan in December, and had the train ride from hell, we were utterly exhausted. We had planned to spend a whole day at my mom’s house but it wasn’t going to happen with the long drive. We decided on going to the craft store for ornament supplies, to Target for something I needed, and then for a quick dinner before taking Wallace to get his first hair cut.

At the Target stop, I suggested we let Wallace check out the toys. He had fun looking at different things and trying to drag them down the aisles, like a princess computer that was completely obnoxious. We made it to some stuffed animals and my mom handed him a stuffed frog and said “ribbi,” which she had just taught him. He clutched it, said ribbit back, and walked away. When it was time to go we had to put it back.

Fast forward to Christmas. Amazon wish list set up for Gramma and she is knitting him a frog hat too. When we get to open the presents Christmas morning there is the frog from Target! Wallace remembers it and says ribbit while wearing his frog hat. (That frog hat makes even the most stone cold child disliking person wave and grin at Wallace.)


Slowly, slowly Froggy has been chosen over the bunny or baby for holding while he nurses (an attempt to keep him from beating up my boobs). He has started insisting Froggy is with him in bed or sitting next to him while he eats. Sometimes he will fall asleep with his arm around it. Ridiculously cute.


I think Froggy might be the one. He even goes potty with him.



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2 Responses to Introducing Froggy

  1. Lindsay says:

    Well, if that isn’t precious, I don’t know what is! Henry has a bunny his Granny made, which he absolutely HAS TO HAVE at all times at home. But the rule is, he can’t take bunny outside of the house for fear we lose him. Evelyn has zero attachment to a certain stuffy so far. I would love for her to need something besides my boobs!

  2. I think i want to go back to the not outside the house rule but then when he has to be away from me it would defeat the point.

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