Uh Dubbayew


Proud Momma moment! He reached into a bag of letters and pulled out a W. He exclaimed “uh dubbayew!” I haven’t really worked on letters with him so this is really exciting. What do I do now to help foster this interest in letters? Now he is playing with hangers and saying “dubba are yew?” which translates to “W where are you?” When he looks for things, he calls out for it like that. Really. Damn. Cute.

We have been talking a lot about colors and the occasional counting in English and French. He likes it when we count his cars down the ramp and he says trois.

Yesterday we did some knife skills with play dough.


I did the containers and lids thing that was suggested. He didn’t get super into it but he liked pretending to drink coffee. I haven’t had coffee since A brought some over in November so I don’t know where he got this from.


Oh and we like to go through the ads and catalogues, pick out pictures, cut them, and glue them to paper.


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5 Responses to Uh Dubbayew

  1. pepibebe says:

    Ahhh that last pic reminds me of my childhood! My mum did so many scrap books with us. She’d get a felt pen and write simple words beside some pictures. So spread them out and write ‘baby’ etc. not trying to get him to read it so much as the association that those little squiggles have a meaning. I was reading by 3! That said, I had an older bro and was super competitive – so when he started bringing word cards home from school at age 5 I stole them and learnt šŸ™‚ Google some simple letter recognition ideas for his age.

  2. Ooh I like the scrap book idea! He would totally love making a book with me. I drew a big W on a piece of paper today and he had fun scribbling on it.

  3. Oh, and my brother was reading well by 4 so when I wasn’t taking off my mom got worried. Don’t worry, I had at least a 10th grade reading level by the time I was in 6th grade.

  4. Sarah says:

    Maybe he would enjoy drawing letters in shaving cream (or almost any other substance you felt safe letting him “draw” in) with his fingers, or seeing them sculpted in his play dough. Or his name in pipe cleaners? It’s so cute how he talks to them!! And awesome that he recognizes any letters!

  5. I would be doing all the drawing at this point!

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