I am pretty excited about the prospect of moving to Portland in a year. I have had my eye on the area since high school. I think I will love it. The downsides are not knowing anyone and being far from my dad. Here is what I am excited about in Portland.

1) Birthingway, duh. Who wouldn’t be excited about a little hippie college all about birthing and breastfeeding?

2) No flouride in the water! Whether or not you think it is safe and effective to use a known toxin to prevent cavities, it should be common sense not to put a drug in everyone’s water. Everything has contraindications and interactions and shouldn’t be applied to everyone without their consent. People can do flouride treatments on their own without taking away the right of the individual to decide if they want to drink it and bathe in it. I also heard there are environmental impacts of it, so yeh.

3) Super bike friendly. I miss bike commuting and it isn’t safe enough here to ride as much as I would like, especially with ice and unplowed streets. People try to say Chicago is bike friendly but drivers are too aggressive. I have a bike seat for Wallace and I am hating not being able to use it.

4) The mild winters. I can deal with 30-50 degrees and misty rain with gray skies. I can’t deal with -25 degree wind chills and constant snow and wind. I can bike in misty rain but not in this Midwest crap of a winter. I will take vitamin D most of the year, thank you very much.

4) Gluten free food is really common. I can hope I will be able to afford to eat out occasionally. I won’t have to deal with explaining it to every third person and might be able to enjoy potlucks again. Where I will be moving back to in Michigan is pretty low on safe gluten free restaurants.

5) Independent bookstores are my bloodline. I have enjoyed the ones in Chicago that I have gotten to know, but they are an endangered species. I found this great list that includes a match made in bookstore heaven for Wallace.

6) A new dating pool. Seriously, folks. The only lesbian I know in Flint is my ex from when I was 18-19. I shouldn’t have to explain why that is depressing. Don’t get me wrong, R is great. She adores Wallace and teared up on our last visit to the Farmers’ Market before moving. Here in Chicago, I haven’t had much luck meeting anyone. Actually, I think I have met two new lesbians, A who no longer talks to me, and a single mom we had a play date with. Here is what Autostraddle says about Queer Portland. Maybe I will make some new friends. Maybe I will get to date again before Wallace graduates from high school.

Anything else I should be super excited for?

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Single mom by choice, lesbian, natural living, parenting, car free, Chicago.Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment!
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18 Responses to Portland

  1. Hawthorn street fish house. I mean, most places can do gluten free, but if you like sea food, think gluten free fish and chips. The gardens are also amazing. The Rose Garden, the Japanese garden. There’s OMSI (seriously, look it up because I can’t do it justice). The food carts are incredible. Oh! And the children’s museum is great. You can get a membership for pretty cheep and have a place to go when it rains all winter!

  2. Awesome! Are there free museum days? I would probably let myself eat fish for that. Im mostly vegetarian.

  3. They do have some free days, I think they change around. They also do a low cost yearly membership for low income folks (I think something like $20/year).

  4. Oh, and Tula bakery is one of the dedicated gf places. They make amazing foccacia.

  5. I could totally binge bread eat. It has come a long way since I was diagnosed.

  6. Lindsay says:

    I lived in Vancouver, BC for 4 years and can honestly say living on the West Coast was the BEST place I’ve ever lived. I think you will love Portland. The people, the culture, the weather…the Midwest ain’t got nothin’ on the PNW!

  7. Nice! I am not down on my Canadian Geography. I know Toronto, London, Quebec, and Montreal and a few small cities. I have zero west coast experience.

  8. Lindsay says:

    Vancouver is just 3 hours north of Seattle. 🙂

  9. And that is north of Portland! Seriously, the american school system failed me on geogrpahy.

  10. Littlerainbowbug and i will come visit you when you move and i’ll introduce you to some lesbians. 🙂

  11. I’m so freaking excited for you to come to Portland! Even if we never meet, you are going to fit in SO well here! Way better than I do. lol All of the things you mentioned. I can’t think of more, because I’m tired, but you’re going to love it here. LGBT community is great here. The other J from the group isn’t too far from here either, only about 20 minutes. Oh the biking. I don’t do it, but you’ll love it. Oh! So excited for you!

  12. Sounds good to me! I am all about strangers from the internet.

  13. I’m in Vancouver which is right across the bridge!

  14. The zoo is fun and the children’s museum is awesome!

  15. We will have to have a little get together! Oh and I found something on ravelry that you need to make.

  16. Shot me an email ybforz@gmail.com 🙂 you will love Portland! T from rockabye booty is here too!

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