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Once upon a time, about 4 years ago, I finally tried yoga. I had been intrigued by it since high school because of my natural flexibility and my years in gymnastics. In pretty close succession, three people told me about Bikram yoga so I took a hint and threw myself into it. I read everything on the website for my local studio, borrowed a mat, found some shorts, a bra, and shirt, and grabbed my towel and water bottle.

The time I picked to go for my first class happened to be the class directly after the regional exhibition/competition. The studio was packed and the energy was amazing. It was electric and I was surrounded by some of the best bikram yoga students in the state. Our mats were inches apart and their were at least 70 students in the room. It was hot, exhausting, and I was hooked. It was a physical and mental challenge unlike anything I had done before.

It wasn’t long before I signed up for a monthly unlimited pass and became a regular. I bike commuted, worked as a nanny, cooked and ate, and did lots of yoga (there was also a breakup in there). That was my life and it was awesome. My body went through a transformation and rebuilt itself. I was stringer, healthier, and felt good about myself. I kicked my ice cream habit – I was known to eat a giant bowl every day – and starting making fresh fruit and vegetable juices

Then came the yoga challenge. A bunch of students and teachers challenged themselves to do yoga for 100 consecutive days. I didn’t complete it perfectly but I did manage 107 classes in 107 days, including days when I did two or threw classes to make up for missed ones. It was a really amazing experience to push my mind and body to its limits. I had days I missed because I was mentally struggling to get myself to class and there were others because I had a migraine or eye infection. I even kept a blog on my adventures.

There was one problem with my love for this hot yoga, I was losing too much weight. At one point I was down to 94lbs and I was scared. I was eating as much as I could, staying hydrated, and sleeping well but I was skin and muscle on bones. When I discussed my concern with a friend who is a naturopathic doctor (actually the friend I moved here to work for), she told me I had two options. I could either stop doing yoga so much or I could stop worrying about my weight and continue to eat well. I took a deep breath and hid the scale.

During all of this I had two attempts with Known Donor 1 and then one attempt with Known Donor 2, which my two week wait landed during my move to Denver. I believe that my low bmi played a roll in those attempts not working. It took me a while to get back to yoga after the move and I was less than thrilled with the studio I was near. I ended up getting a cleaning position for a few months so I could attend for free but I could never make it to class as frequently as I wanted to. I stopped going in May as I had stabilized my weight at 105lbs but still had to bike commute. I conceived Wallace on the first try with Known Donor 3 in June.

I missed yoga a lot, especially my studio in Chicago. I tried to get into the habit of doing the series at home and even got the prenatal Dvd to do but it wasn’t the same. There is no Bikram studio near my dad’s house and I only managed to get partway through the Dvd a few times after Wallace was born.

I was hoping there would be some miracle in Chicago where I could afford to go again and someone could babysit but it hasn’t happened for obvious reasons. I have made a few attempts to do the Cd at home but Wallace flipped out every time I tried. I am really sad that I won’t be able to make it for a class before moving. I get all sad anytime I pass near it, I live so close!

My neck and shoulders have been screaming at me for a few months now from toting around 25lbs of kid on my back through the snow. I am trying yet again to do yoga at home. I have started with just stretching then adding in Rabbit and Camel poses a few times a day. Today, I ran through the whole 26 pose series one time each pose but without the breathing exercises. He thinks it is hilarious and crawls around imitating me and acting like different animals. He demands I put my gasses up on the shelf and tells me “yoga!” He put busses and trains under me when I did poses he could use me as a tunnel for. Camel pose with a Little People bus under me would have made for a priceless picture.

This was without a Cd or Dvd and no yoga mat. I am hoping that if I get him used to it I can get out the Cd and mat and do the whole thing at least a few times a week. With no alone time, I really need this self care. I am at a pretty low weight again but I need to work on my post-pregnancy core strength. My abdominal and pelvic floor muscles are atrocious! It might even help me gain weight since I will be gaining muscle.

And for the heck of it, here is my old yoga blog, Girl Get Bent. It took me ten minutes to track it down because I couldn’t even remember the name of it.

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Single mom by choice, lesbian, natural living, parenting, car free, Chicago.Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment!
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2 Responses to Mom Get Bent

  1. Lindsay says:

    Oh, cool! I didn’t know you used to w rite a yoga blog. I”m gonna go check it out. I’ve been doing some yoga every evening with Evelyn. She doesn’t do the poses all the time, and when she does do them, it’s a toddler version. But it’s the only way I can get some done (and never more than 10 minutes unfortunately) on a regular basis.

    I LOVE hot yoga but at this point in my life I wouldn’t be able to go regularly b/c I’d have to not only pay for classes, but a babysitter as well. Sometimes the logistics of being a single mom is rough!

  2. Exactly! I just can’t swing that either.
    I had a gluten free blog and then the yoga blog. I think I improved dramatically with this third blog, though the others had their highlights. I didn’t have much of a reader base and wasn’t great about posting regularly.

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