Picture Perfect


This just about sums up how we feel.


Learning that Barbie has a vulva and not a penis.


Heading to work.

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2 Responses to Picture Perfect

  1. Lindsay says:

    I just had a long comment typed up and WordPress ate it. Let me try again…

    I don’t even remember if I’ve ever seen him in a stroller! I always think kids look so adorable with their kids down, sleeping like that, but it looks so uncomfy too! I don’t know how they wake up without stiff necks.

    Re: one of your photo captions…I teach Evelyn to call her genitalia her ‘vulva’, but I’ve had a couple people tell me I should be calling it something else, a vagina or some “cutesy” name. Of course, one of these people taught her daughter to call hers a “peach”, so I won’t be listening to her opinion anytime soon. Oh and now you might get weird search terms thanks to this comment and that caption! lol

    I can’t wait ’til we can go outdoors without multiple layers. Do you find it difficult to do the back carry with so many layers on both of you?

  2. Damn you WordPress!!! Ate my whole 22 month post.

    There is strong evidence in teaching kids the anatomical names. Is someone going to take a kid seriously if they say “So-and-so touched my peach”? It doesn’t help with long term sex ed, consent, and body image/self esteem either. It shows kids to be ashamed of or embarassed about their body.

    I know I have posted some stroller pictures before! This was the rumble seat of the work stroller and it is a pain in the ass to push, especially through “wintry mix.” I am surprised he fell asleep. He then refused to nap later and passed out on my back on the way home. I am hiding in the bathroom eating chocolate cake with raspberry preserves. Don’t judge.

    Babywearing in the winter has gone through a lot of variations. I actually have a post about that rolling around in my head so you will have to wait on the full answer.

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