Birthday Plans

Frankly, I have none. Unlike last year when I was reluctant to do anything, I wish we could have a party and see all of our friends and family. Our apartment is too small to invite people over and friends are scarce, which is sad.

I suggested to one friend we reschedule our failed attempt to go to the Children’s Museum, but she hasn’t responded. My other idea is to see if anyone wants to join us for ice cream at a local place that stays open all winter. I don’t know what there policy is on that so I would have to make a phone call. (I don’t like making phone calls). Then I could take Wallace to Women and Children First to pick out a new book.

I want to get him some kind of little cars but I have not yet found anything that meets my standards. He also needs an age shirt and since he is obsessed with W, I should make him a new W shirt too. His birthday is next Wednesday, so I should really get on this…

Since we are moving back at the end of the month, my mom is hanging on to some of the presents she got him so we can have a little party for him. I don’t know if we will invite people or just do cake and singing and presents together. He will get to open presents on his birthday and maybe I will put a candle in a muffin and sing to him.

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2 Responses to Birthday Plans

  1. Lindsay says:

    I like the idea of taking him out to pick out a new book as a gift! And of course a cake/cupcake/muffin with a candle is imperative! We will celebrate with you in spirit 🙂

  2. We did the book thing for valentine’s last year and it was fun! For his firsy birthday I had a toys r us coupon and $20 from my grandparents so he got to pick out a toy, a barking and moving stuffed dog.

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