Night Weaning and Sleep Update

It has been a few months now since we night weaned and sleep is slightly better. He is still regularly waking up between five and six. He asks to nurse, he asks to be rocked, he wants Froggy or his water bottle, but he won’t go back to sleep! He is clearly still tired and could benefit from another hour or two of sleep. Lately he has been asking for a blanket, a pillow, and to go potty. All wonderful distractions from the sleep he needs.

I did some poking around the Internet and found some interesting ideas. Because he typiclally gets up before 6, he is ready for nap about 11, then up by 2, and ready for bed before 7. In order to try to shift that cycle I am pushing him to stay awake until 12, sleep til 3, and then bed is 7:30-8. One article I read said to aim for bedtime to be 4 to 5 hours after he wakes up from nap. We have had a few morning where he slept until 6 or went back to sleep and slept until 7 but they are few and far between.

His latch has been driving me crazy, especially in the evening, so I decided to stop nursing him to sleep for the night. He also beats the crap out of my boobs while he nurses and it really hurts. I nurse him and he can get tired, then he helps me turn on the fan and off the light. I either rock him for a bit or put him down in his bed. He has been asking me to sing for a bit while I sit on my bed but this still makes bedtime closer to 10 minutes than 30. That has actually gone okay after a few days of resistance. I have noticed a slight increase in his ability to stay asleep when he stirs in the middle of the night.

Nap time is another store altogether and is made worse by work days. I can keep him up to 12, he falls asleep nursing, I put him in his bed, and he sleeps for and hour or two. Then he wakes up and wants to nurse to sleep again. Problem is he won’t let me put him down asleep. He stays latched on, driving me crazy for an hour or two. I have tried a few times to use the same methods from night time to get him back to deep but he won’t oblige. He gets pissed. At work, if he gets an hour of sleep, I can’t nurse him back to sleep and sit with him because there are two other kids to take care of. I have been trying to get both boys to sleep at the same time but then I still can’t get Wallace back to sleep because the 4yo needs attention.

On Tuesday, Wallace fell asleep on the morning walk to get the 4yo from school. He then refused to nap in the afternoon despite being ridiculously tired. He fell asleep as we waited for the bus and woke only a couple times through the night. He woke me at 6:05 saying “Eht up, eht up,” and he was all the way out of bed already.

Last night, he fell asleep about 7:30 and I went to bed at 8:30 (living the life, right?!) I woke up at some point to him fussing but he fell back asleep and didn’t need me. At 4:30, he woke up and would not go back to sleep no matter what I did. We both have a cold we got from work and I know this is a factor. I gave up a few minutes before 6, and we got up. I am exhausted and just want to make it through the day in one piece.


He looks skeptical here but they are realky enjoying each other today. B is 10 months younger but about the same size.

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2 Responses to Night Weaning and Sleep Update

  1. Lindsay says:

    4:30 am wake ups are BRUTAL. I hope you both make it through the day okay.

    Evie’s bedtime is 7 pm. I actually prefer it to be that early, because it gives me a couple hours to just have “me” time. I’m really envious of your night weaning and am so glad you did that for yourself & Wallace.

  2. It is brutal. I managed to keep him awake in the stroller and then to get him a good nap this afternoon at work.

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