Ultimate Sacrifice

Wallace and I both have colds we got from work. We are both cranky and tired. He doesn’t know what he wants today but definitely wants it right now and it can’t possibly be what he asked for and I am handing to him.

He wanted me to read him a book and as I was sitting there with him about to read, I sneeze-peed. (Backstory, I have had this issue since before I had a baby.) I said I had to go pee and change and then I could read the story. He lost it. Complete meltdown. I read it to him and said I had to go the bathroom after. He lost it again and I don’t mean a tantrum. Complete emotional breakdown.

I read the second book and got up. He followed me and proceeded to freak out and tried to pull my off the toilet while crying “all done! All done!” He freaked out the entire time I changed my underwear and did something else (I can’t remember what).

Sitting in your wet underpants for the duration of two picture books is an ultimate parenting sacrifice.

What did you sacrifice to your child/ren this week?


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5 Responses to Ultimate Sacrifice

  1. Lindsay says:

    LOL! That’s a funny one. Mine aren’t so funny.

    Well, let’s see here…
    * I sacrificed my own comfort at night to accommodate my small child who takes up 7/8ths of a queen sized bed
    * I sacrificed my sleep to comfort her when she was up all night coughing
    * Sacrificed eating dinner in peace because it was “meltdown time” for her, so I inhaled my food while standing over the kitchen sink.

    I’m sure there’s more!

  2. Oh man, I know those ones all too well. I just got him to sleep and am about to go to bed too. I am sacrificing my quiet time because I know he will wake me up at 5 again.

  3. Uh oh, just realized I didn’t really eat dinner and that maybe I should have a snack before bed… ugh.

  4. Lindsay says:

    Definitely grab a quick bite first!

  5. But I am already in bed! There also isn’t anything I want but I can’t skip meals.

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