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Planet Fitness stands up for gender identity. The fact that this happened in Michigan is even better.

I don’t know if I posted this one about play and our overprotected kids but it is a great (long) article.

Oh man, if the internet had been around when I was a kid, I would have survived on these watercolors. I will make some after we move and see what Wallace thinks of them. More paint recipes from a really cool site.

Wallace developed eczema after wearing Huggies diapers for a week. It was all around his waste and was clearly from the diapers. (I posted on their Facebook page and they directed me to call them and I got a reimbursement.) I got it under control with lots of coconut oil but then it came back and spread to his legs and arms. A few days ago I remembered I have hazelwood beads. I strung some beads and tied it on him. The eczema is clearing up! Here are more testimonials from a company that sells hazelwood (I bought mine from a small Etsy seller.)

You want a pictorial guide to crocheting in both, front, and back loops, right?! Here it is. I am trying to learn more techniques and different stitches and I just stumbled across this site.


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