Daylight Saving Time

Who else hates Daylight Saving Time as much as I do? It just seems like such an asinine and outdated practice, not to mention horrible for kids. The whole point is to save energy and money by making daylight go longer into the evening, but it is proven that doesn’t really happen.

Personally, my circadian rhythm is sensitive and I need to keep my sleep schedule the same. I am hoping that it can help me to get Wallace to sleep until 6, since that is now what used to be 5. It also just made nap time come early, which is beneficial today.

I’m sure this is adding to my irritable mood today. Everything is getting to me. I have the last slice of cake to eat and some crochet to work on while Wallace naps. I am hoping to figure out how to end today on a good note.

I ordered pizza delivery and stuffed myself. Nine pm just snick up on us. I meant to have him nursing by 8.


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4 Responses to Daylight Saving Time

  1. Lindsay says:

    Yes, I hate daylight savings time so much. I think parents of young children dread it more than anyone – it ‘s a huge inconvenience and sucks for sleep!

    Hope we all get our rhythms worked out soon.

  2. We made it to the time previously known as 6! The last hour was all rolling and flailing and kicking while I had weird dreams.

  3. It’s an inconvenience and seriously can make already over-tired/stressed parents sick!

  4. We have been rocking a cold for a week already!

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