Potty Training

It seems all my blogging buddies are writing on this subject lately. I don’t want to be left out!

I got Wallace a little potty, the littlest one I could find, when he was 10 months old. He was getting constipated from solid foods and I could tell when he needed to go. I started putting him on his potty once or twice a day and it helped him a lot. We would read books and he would often poop. The era of poopy diapers ended soon after. There was the occasional one when we were out all day for work but I tried to get him on his potty before and after work.

He figured out how to pee in it really quick. It wasn’t my goal to get him on the potty for everything so I just kept focusing on getting the poops. I never cheered, praised, or gave him food rewards. I just told him what we were doing and what he did. I involved him in it and listened to him. It was always an enjoyable time for him because we read books together. Sometimes I read Go, Dog. Go three times in a row. I am glad he will let me read more variety now!

At some point after we moved, I started doing pants and diaper free time at home and offering him the potty regularly. It was no pressure and only for a few hours at a time. Lately diaper free time has turned into whenever we are home. He can tell me when he needs to pee or poop (or just wants to sit on the potty and make me read to him). He can also tell me when he is peeing in his diaper.

I got a foldable toilet seat insert at a consignment sale in the fall. At first he was terrified of sitting on it on the toilet. Then he saw A, the three year old I watched, sit on it and that helped him see what it was for and that it was safe. He still prefers his little potty but we are working on adding in the toilet seat insert every day.

He was given brand new hand me down underpants in January by the family I worked for for three weeks. They are Thomas the Tank Engine, Toy Story, and I think one Incredibles. He was introduced to Thomas by D, so that connection has been a big incentive for Wallace. He loved trains already and though I didn’t plan to buy him character anything, these are a total winner.

I started trying to get him to wear them at home but it took some time for him to figure out that he couldn’t pee in them. I don’t think he could tell the difference even though he knew when he needed to go if he was naked. This last week he has been mostly in a shirt and underpants at home and hasn’t had a single accident. He has had multiple naps with underpants and pants on. We have had a few short trips downstairs and even out of the building without diapers.

I feel like he is fully day potty trained if we are at the house. Work doesn’t have a toilet insert or potty seat so he won’t go there. I have to carry him and a bag of food and essentials so I can’t bring the foldable insert. Because he is still cautious with toilets, I haven’t tried to introduce him to public bathrooms. I am hoping that in the next few months he will gain confidence and we can venture out of the house without diapers more. It will be nice to only need diapers for at night and maybe long car rides.


I can't resist that little butt.


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6 Responses to Potty Training

  1. pepibebe says:

    Sounds like with the lack of pressure he’s doing really well 🙂

  2. I think so! I don’t think he remembers a time he didn’t use the potty so it is familiar for him. I had to work on aim there for a bit and get him to lean forward when he pees so there isn’t a waterworks.

    I was pretty much potty trained by 26 months out of necessity. The daycare in my mom’s school required it but since my mom worked there she could run down and change me if I had an accident.

  3. pepibebe says:

    My mum says I was walking by 10mths and so toilet trained by then as I didn’t like the feel of dirty nappies (diapers) – plus it was summer so I wanted to run around naked with my brother lol. Apparently as a 2 yr old I had to have an operation and was pissy as when the nurse put nappies on me for the general anesthetic. Kept saying No! Big girl! Lol.

  4. Awe! He has been against diapers for naps the past week or so. I just hope I don’t get peed on (again). He was so late with all gross motor that I think it made it easier in the beginning. He couldn’t run away from me!


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