My Last Day With a One Year Old

Wallace had a very restless sleep from the start. It was exhausting. By 6:30 (previously known as 5:30), we were up with a chorus of “eht up!” Banana muffin, watered down fresh orange juice, dumping out a bin of toys, and trying to pull out all the diapers were part of the morning’s activities.

I was out of it because I am used to having lots of time in the morning before work. I didn’t pack our food the night before or pick out clothes. That was stupid. I was running late and Wallace wasn’t helping, of course. We made it out the door about 7:50 and the next bus wasn’t for 16 minutes. I decided to walk it. I should have grabbed the stroller because that was rough with the bag and Wallace.

We chatted the whole way there. He saw people, dogs, cars, busses, trucks, and trains. We saw a backhoe loader and started quoting from his book I’m Dirty. That was super cute. He also saw a step van truck and said “truck truck open mailbox.” He got sad when there weren’t more trains. I was sweating and tired by the time we made it to work.


Aren't we a cheetful bunch?

I got the boys to have a snack and play for a bit before we went to go pick up A from school. Wallace’s diaper was dry so I tried to get him to sit on their toilet. They don’t have an insert or a little potty so he was too scared to relax and go. Back in the diaper for him.

It was nice to have some warm weather making the ice melt. It is really hard to push their stroller over snow and ice. All the dog poop, garbage, and grime revealed by the melting snow is really gross. We stopped at the park on the way home to play for a few minutes. Wallace promptly ran from me and got stuck in the mud. His shoes that fit his orthotics cost $47 and they have suede on them. He speant the rest of park time in the swing without shoes.


Lunch for Wallace was stir fry, strawberries, cantaloupe (tried but spit out), and apple. Cleaned up, changed diapers, and got the boys down for nap. Nap was cut short by people doing work right outside the third floor condo. Chainsaws, loud yelling, and paint fumes… awesome! (Turned out to be a new sealant or something on all the back windows.)

After nap was coloring, a snack, and A getting picked up for dance class. Then Wallace checked his email before playing with B. They were both cranky because they didn’t get to nap well.



"Tatas, knees, butt, penis, vulva, butt, penis."

After dance class, N, the two kids she nannies, her wife and their daughter and their teenage daughters came and hung out. So, that is 3 adults, 2 teenagers, 3 preschoolers, and 3 toddlers in just the front rooms. (I closed off the bedrooms because of the fumes.) It was surprisingly calm compared to last week when the kids could go out of our site.


After they all headed home the kids had a much needed snack and a little goofy time.



When I made it out the door at 6:15, the next bus wasn’t for 19 minutes. I walked home and the bus never passed me. It was nice but I was tired already and that didn’t help. When we got home there was a birthday present from Lj et al. That brightened my mood until I saw that someone had opened the box likely with the intention to steal it. Thankfully, they didn’t want a Tonka truck.


Dinner was hamburgers, cheese, sweet potato fries, ketchup (I have finally given in), and tea and juice. Wallace just passed out and I am about join him. We need some amazing sleep tonight because tomorrow, I have a two year old.


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5 Responses to My Last Day With a One Year Old

  1. Happy birthday Wallace! And happy birthing day J! I hope you both enjoy tomorrow. ❤

  2. Thanks! Sleeping in didn’t happen ha

  3. Lindsay says:

    Happy birthday, Wallace! The Tonka truck was a nice gift, but I’m horrified that someone considered stealing it.

  4. Thanks! I know. I am still seething when I think about it. It was in by our mailboxes so it had to be someone who lives here or was visiting.

  5. pepibebe says:

    Wow congrats – a big big day!

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