My Two Year Old

Let’s see if I can do one of these summary update posts. The last time I tried it, wordpress ate my post.

Wallace had his 2 year check up, which I only really did for a paper trail of doctor visits – proof that I am a responsible parent. He weighed 25lbs and is 33in long. He wears mostly 18 month size clothes but some 12 month still. I had to coax him out of my arms and onto the scale but he didn’t cry. I filled out a long developmental survey and the only concerns I already know about. He is behind on running, jumping, and stairs. He still has low muscle tone and poor balance. He sat on the bed for the doctor and didn’t freak out. He didn’t cry for his finger poke iron and lead test. Afterword, we went over to Target and picked up a couple things including a pink poodle purse and fridge locks for at my dad’s house. He fell asleep in the stroller on the way home. My body is hurting so I have been using the stroller more.


He still loves the stuffed frog my mom got him. He still loves all vehicles, especially busses, trains, and garbage trucks. His current favorite song is Mary Had a Little Lamb. He also likes the little ditties I make up. His favorite vegetable is broccoli and his favorite fruit is banana. He is kinda getting out of his Lara Bar phase but still eats lots of hummus and honey yogurt. He tends to gravitate to orange and green for colors. He loves frogs, dogs, and cats. He loves books and will sit and read to himself, which is ridiculously cute.

Woo boy, he is a talker. He tells me whole stories with strings of two to five word sentences. There is lots of faltering and ums and unclear words but I can almost always figure out what he is telling me. He will fill in blanks with books and songs and even my sentences if I pause too long. He can count to eight and likes to try to keep going with me. For actual counting of objects, he goes to two. He will look at a doll or toy animal and point out and count its eyes and mouth, etc. He isn’t great about talking to other people, especially adults, but he is slowly opening up more.


Oh, toddler grins are the best.

As of yesterday he started waving and saying hi to everyone we pass. It reminds me of last summer when he would sit in his stroller and wave like he was in a parade. He is generally a pretty happy kid and is on the sensitive side. He is interested in how everything works and likes trying new things (except food). He wants to mimic what I am doing and be a part of it. He remembers everything and notices lots of details. He is shy in group settings and with other adults. He loves singing and music and will bop his head to the live jazz at the grocery store. He doesn’t want to hold my hand when we walk to the grocery store and he will head away from me at the park or in the apartment hallways. He is getting braver in little increments and he is good at expressing his wants and opinions.



There were plenty of times I didn’t think we would make it to on let alone two. He nurses first thing in the morning and usually one or two more times before nap depending on what we are doing. He nurses to sleep for nap and then wakes up partway through and nurses again, not wanting to unlatch. Sometimes he will go all afternoon without nursing but he might also nurse one to three times before bedtime. I try to get that one more good nursing session before bed but not having him fall asleep during. He pretends to nurse his toys by patting their butts and holding them close to him.


Second part of nap as I write this.

When you have a kid with someone, you get to pick out all the features and behaviors they got from each of you. When you have a kid by means of a sperm donor, the game is a little different. I met his known donor once and have some adult and baby/toddler pictures of him. I compare them every chance I get and will be asking for more as he grows. People say he looks just like me but they haven’t seen pictures of his donor to compare.

From me he got: small stubby hands, dimples, blue eyes, shape of face, expressive eyebrows, size/height though I am really hoping some of that 6’1″ from his donor catches him when he is older.

From his donor he got: big toes and nails (I didn’t inspect his donor’s feet but these features aren’t like mine), shape around his eyes, left eye squints when he grins, shape of head, wavy texture of his hair.

I am undecided on his ears, nose, and hair color. His donor has a strawberry beard and sandy blond hair while I was born with curly dark brown hair that went blond and straight by 3. My ears are big and prominently stick out. He might have a combination of our noses.

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8 Responses to My Two Year Old

  1. Do you know the donor – since you got to meet him? I’m looking at donors now. I know my future child (if I’m lucky) will be curious, but I’m guessing that I might be curious as well. Especially if the child gets features hat aren’t anything like mine…

  2. I met him through the known donor registry. I do not know him well at all but we exchange the occasional email and keep each other in our thoughts/prayers. He respects my boundaries and I trusted him inherently from our first email.

  3. I didn’t know it worked like that for some. I can use an open donor, which means that the child will have the right of one meeting after the age of 18. I get lots of information about the donor, and a baby picture – but no contact details.

    So you can ask questions along the way? Sounds like a good deal. But doesn’t the donor get curious?

  4. Google known donor registry. It has nothing to do with sperm banks. I wanted to skip that completely because the some info at 18 wasn’t enough for me. I also don’t feel comfortable with the business aspect of sperm banks and their “donors.” Known donors aren’t for everyone but it is something to explore.

  5. Lindsay says:

    He’s so lovely, Jenn. He sounds like a really sweet, thoughtful & fun little guy. I wish I could meet him – feel like I know him already anyway!

  6. After I sent you that email, I was looking up if I could get to Toronto by train, hahaha. He is thoughtful to the point of obsessive at times. Everything has to be in its place. If the lids of the neighbors garbage cans are open, he will keep checking out the window until they are closed.

  7. Lindsay says:

    Is it possible to get here by train? That’d be fun! I took a train to allmyprettyone’s place a couple years ago but she had to pick me up in Detroit.

  8. Yeh I am thinking that is the only route unless you know a train that goes to Sarnia/Port Huron bridnge.

    Wallace just said “done. Spoon sink.” And grabbed my fork from me.

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