RIP Terry Pratchett

I just learned, through a post on Autostraddle, that Terry Pratchett died 10 days ago on March 12th. I went looking for articles and shed some tears. He was a brilliant author and though he had Alzheimer’s and did not want to suffer with it forever, I figured he had a few more years.

I started reading Discworld novels when I was 22 and it felt like someone had been keeping it from all this time. I was introduced by my (old) friend Andrea when she gave me a stack of books to take with me when I was headed to a dude ranch in Colorado to work for the summer (ended up being 5 weeks). I believe my first books were Thud!, The Color of Magic, and The Light Fantastic. I was hooked.

I recently stumbled across a crochet Discworld that is fantastic.

I sent my dad a text and his response was “I didn’t say anything because you didn’t like me sending you surprise bad news.” I don’t even know what he is referring to. I guess word of mouth has been replaced by Facebook shares.

I don’t even have a Pratchett book to read right now. I only have books I have already read and they are packed.

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