Is This Real Life?

As the 4pm news started on NPR, they read the headlines of the stories coming up. While coralling Wallace to the table for dinner (shush, it has been a long day), I heard “kill gays and lesbians with bullets to the head or any other convenient method.” A lawyer in California is getting this put on the ballot. Read about it here. The tagline freaked me out with how it was read.

This will be interesting to see how it plays out and impacts the democratic process as well as LGBTQ rights. I’m hoping it will be for the positive.

When things like this crop up, it makes me feel very pessimistic about the world and individuals. I remember that there are many many people who believe violence like this is appropriate. What if I run into one of them in a bad mood? I am one of those hypothetical gays this insane man thinks deserves a bullet to the head.

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5 Responses to Is This Real Life?

  1. Lindsay says:

    That is so frightening. I live in a gay bubble here in Toronto. I surround myself with other gays/lesbians/queers, and this is a very liberal city (as is Chicago!). So, I am always shocked when I hear things like this, that there are still people in this world who think this way. It’s horrifying.

  2. And to think one of the next stories was about abducted children and young adults in Africa. We live in a relatively safe bubble in this messed up world.

  3. butchcountry67 says:

    Holy Crap!! I can not believe the level of Hate that moron has for gays and lesbians, what is even more scary is that this brand of hatred escalates rapidly , there will be lunatics who take this as a sign from God that it is okay to start shooting. it’s a sad day for humanity when crap like this makes it onto a voting ballot.

  4. Yeh that is scary. It does make sense how they have it set up so it is easy to get things voted on. Except, these measures shouldn’t be unconstitutional like the majority voting on the rights of a minority.

  5. That’s scary!!! I’m a little surprised they even put in on the radio, but I suppose it’s news. Get to Portland. You’ll be well loved here. For many reasons 😉

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