Last Day of Work

Well, I made it to my last day of work. I got a text at 8pm asking if I could come in 20 minutes early. I was about to get in the shower with Wallace and then get us to bed. He had been a mess all afternoon so I didn’t have our food ready or bag packed. I told her I would try.

When Wallace woke up at 6, he didn’t immediately ask to nurse. He went to the fridge and got the prunes, asking me to cut them. That saved us some time and I nursed him for a few minutes before we left and again after we got to work. We made it in by 7:30.

I am not sad this is my last day of work. I have no patience for this job and would have been looking for a new one if I weren’t about to move anyway. I came in today to find the sink over flowing with dishes, 8 bottles with spoiled milk in them, two full bags of garbage with one leaking raw chicken onto the floor, Tuesday’s dinner sitting on the stove, and the counter and floors a mess. But don’t worry, I was told to ignore it all… She said they have been tired. Really? There were no clean spoons or kid plates and cups. I think there is one clean bottle left.

Dishwasher was loaded and running before I ate my breakfast.

In other news, I bought myself a new carrier yesterday! I would have bought it a long time ago if the stupid agency hadn’t been taking out too many taxes. I bought a CatBird Baby Pikkolo. The store happens to be really close to me. I had been crushing on her mei tai but I decided I wanted a new carrier instead. I figured it is more likely my dad will use it if it has buckles and not ties.


Someone needs his own baby carrier.

Life has been a rotation of cooking, eating, cleaning, packing, nursing, crappy sleep, and trying to keep this teething cranky monster of a toddler from flipping out every ten minutes. If it weren’t for Miss Jamie’s Farm on CD, I wouldn’t be able to get dinner and dishes done. I have been giving my brain a break from stress by flying through the Percy Jackson series. I just grabbed the 3rd and 4th ones from the local used bookstore when I dropped off some books I weeded out (store credit, yay!)

Five more days.

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7 Responses to Last Day of Work

  1. Lindsay says:

    Ew, I will never understand how people can live in filth like that. Tired enough to let raw chicken juices run on your floor? That is truly disgusting!

    I’ll have to check out that CD! What’s the Percy Jackson series about? I love a good book series!

  2. My friend just told me they have given themselves food poisoning multiple times. The mom used to thaw donor milk all day on the counter and leave out bottles all night and say the milk was fine.

  3. Lindsay says:

    Omg!!! That is actually hard for me to believe that they continue to do things that put themselves at risk. Gross.

  4. Yeh it is hard to believe and they are both educated. The mom also leaves the baby in a poopy diaper even though it breaks him out in a matter of minutes.

  5. Lindsay says:

    WTF. As today’s youth says: “I can’t even”

  6. The comments here have shocked me more than the post. In cloth diapers, I don’t notice Sweet Pea’s poop right away sometimes, but I try to change her as soon as I can. Her Ped. told me that it starts to burn after 2 minutes. How can anyone leave their baby in a poopy diaper?? And spoiled milk? Breastmilk at that! That stuff is gold, but put it in the fridge!

    We’re not the cleanest people, but we don’t let dishes pile up. We don’t have a dishwasher, so they all get done by hand. And we would never let bottles sit, when we were using them. I had a friend that was like that, it was disgusting going to her apartment. My goal is to not be like her. There was laundry all over the floor, throughout the hall, in the bathroom. Clean mixed with dirty, it all smelled like pee, because her son peed on it. And it just sat there. I’m a stickler about laundry.

  7. Oh wow that friend sounds worse than these guys. The thing is the mom sees nothing wrong with any of this. I felt like I was abandoning the dad tonight. He is a really good guy but has none of the control.

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