I want to do a post about the move but first I need some input on something else. I am not great with budgeting and handling money. I know this is a problem for me and I continually work on it. I have some debt I need to take care of, I need to figure out how to get a car, and I don’t currently have a job. I am ridiculously frugal and know how to stretch things to last and eat cheap but healthy meals. (I am open to good advice on money management.)

I have a decent chunk of money from my tax returns because I didn’t make much this year and the agency I was being paid through never submitted my paperwork to lower the deduction amount. I will also be getting another big chunk of money when I get my settlement for my wrist injury from five years ago (waiting on the paperwork now since I decided not to fight for more). The scary part is not yet having money coming in and the loans I will be taking out for school next year.

I don’t buy much for myself ever. There are things I will need soon like new winter boots, new sandals, a couple pairs of pants. I would like to get my dad’s sink fixed because he hasn’t bothered for 5 months and it needs to be fully functional. I also want to get his dishwasher looked at and fixed or replaced. It was winterized when the house was foreclosed and my dad fiddled around but never had it looked at to really know if it works or not. There is a good chance it just needs to be hooked up properly.

There are things I want to spend money on like an adjustment and massage. I want to get a bookshelf for Wallace and he would love a play kitchen. I would really like a bed frame since Wallace isn’t always in my bed all night and has stopped rolling around as bad as he was a few months ago. I just bought myself the CatBird Baby carrier and love it already. I had to shell out a little for my glasses and I spent $20 on six breastfeeding related books.

But… I really want this. I missed out on the original presale and the leftovers are up for grabs. I want it in a size 3 but they didn’t make it in that. Size 4 is out. I would have to buy a 5 or bigger and chop it. I am having a hard time deciding if I should splurge on this or not. I love wrapping but got into it late with Wallace. I don’t know how much I will get to wrap him but I would of course keep it for the next baby in a few years. I only have a size 5 Didymos that I bought myself for my birthday last summer.

What to do!?


A random Wallace picture for making it through my internal dialogue.

A friend in Chicago ordered one in Steel and one in Black/White. She is selling the Steel one because the color isn’t her favorite. It is a second quality size 5 and it is hemp and cotton blend. I thought the Black/White was the hemp blend as that is what I want. I think I am going to buy it from her!


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5 Responses to Dilemma

  1. I’m going to say “don’t do it”. This is coming from someone totally obsessed with baby wearing.
    I think the number one reason to not do it is that even though it’s super cool, the city wraps are sometimes harder for resale so it’s more of a luxury with less of the “investment” that some carriers have.

    All that being said, it’s really awesome.

  2. Do you mean harder to sell later? I feel like I am unlikely to try to sell my wraps. I am always around babies and hope to continue to be. I also don’t have much of a stash like some people who would need to sell wraps to buy a new one they want. I have my Didymos, my second hand Ergo, a diy narrow podaegi, a Kalea Baby ring sling (about to loan it to a friend), and the new Pikkolo. I have had an old maya ring sling and a Babyhawk Mei Tai I passed on.

  3. Lindsay says:

    The link wouldn’t work for me, so I didn’t see the price. Tough decision to make. I’m all for treating myself when I’m able. If this is your ‘treat’, then I say go for it.

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