The Move

Packing and cleaning for the last few weeks while working and toddler minding was exhausting. I had been irritable and short fused and I am so glad that is done. My dad kept changing the plan on me and was hard to get ahold of him with his store inventory plus his usual communication issues.

The move itself went very smoothly and was pretty low stress. On Tuesday, my dad’s friend Liz (who is the same age as me) drove him and a friend of hers to Chicago in the morning. I was expecting them between 11:30 and 12 so at 9:45 I started trying to nurse Wallace so he could get a short nap. As I had him asleep but not off me, I heard a little knock at my door and knew who it was then. It was only 10 and the last I had heard from them they were a couple hours away! So much for a nap. I also wasn’t fully ready for them because in my mind I still had two hours. We finished the packing, the truck was picked up, and we started loading.

Wallace took a minute to warm up to Grandpa but then wouldn’t let him leave without say he would be right back. I managed to slam both my knees and a shin on the fender of the truck while closing it. Wallace kept trying to follow people down the stairs and running in the hall. One of my (former) friends showed up close to the end, carried three boxes and vacuumed the apartment for me. I didn’t do as much final cleaning as I had planned because the building turned off the water right then.

The drive went pretty well. I gave Wallace snacks in his car seat and he fell asleep for an hour. The curving highway changes woke him up. We took that opportunity to get gas and eat. I got two side salads from burger king and nursed Wallace while I ate. We got back in the car and only stopped once more. I had Wallace do laps around the car and jump over the parking lot lines. I entertained him with toys, my kindle, pulling on the seat belt, food, and this Abc app on Liz’s phone. That pretty much saved the trip! He got a little upset but didn’t sleep again. We made it back maybe half an hour before my dad and it was after 9.


We had to get some things out of the truck, like my mattress and the pack n play, which I didn’t plan out very well. There was a point where I was climbing through a dark truck with shifting boxes and a fading flashlight. I was just hoping that if an avalanche happened my dad would come check on me. The next morning we completely unloaded the truck and Wallace was a wreck.

I spent the next two weeks working hard to get furniture arranged, boxes unpacked, a play kitchen cleaned and painted, and us into a routine. I still want to paint his room and he needs bookshelves. There are a few boxes sitting around but things are pretty much done. My to do lists on the dry erase board were not nearly as crazy each day last week as the first two!


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Single mom by choice, lesbian, natural living, parenting, car free, Chicago.Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment!
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