His Own Room

Since Grandpa put up a wall and built himself a new bedroom, Wallace gets his own room (and so do I)! I feel like I am finally nesting, two and a half years late. I am having fun figuring out his room and how to make it fun and comfortable.

I found a great old rocking chair on Craigslist for $15 and spent two days on it with a borrowed upholstering cleaner. I bought a Kaplan preschool style play kitchen sink and fridge for $20 and spent three days painting it. There is his toy shelf from his first birthday and the changing table for his clothes and diapers. I want to paint one wall orange and the others blue with white trim. He needs curtains or shades and a fun rug would be nice.


Rocking chair, 1/4 of his books, and the play kitchen.


My climber... I need to figure out how to get his clothes all into his closet and get a bookshelf for this spot.

I started with him in my room after the move since his sleep was horrible. He would start the night in his pack n play then cower and cling to me the rest of the night. He was clearly stressed by the move and all the changes. After a couple weeks he seemed more comfortable at night and even slept a whole night in his pack n play in my room.

He seemed totally fine moving to his own room and was not upset when I moved the pack n play in there. Unfortunately, he has not let me get him back to sleep in his room if he wakes up in the middle of the night. He insists on coming into my bed for the rest of the night though he then usually sleeps pretty well.

I felt bad for him still being in the pack n play (extra blankets underneath him for comfort) but his old crib mattress was way too hard. Yesterday, I took it to the resale shop and bought him a new one. When we got home, I put his pack n play back in my room and set up his crib. I put it together without the front rail because there is no way I could set him down asleep in the giant crib, but he still rolls a lot and isn’t ready for a high bed. My solution was the bed rail I got for cosleeping in my old bed.


Jumping on the new mattress.


Testing out his new bed.

He did his usual few hours in his bed last night and then came to mine. He just did part of his nap in it but still won’t sleep his whole nap without nursing. I’m hoping to see little improvements as he gets used to being back here.

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8 Responses to His Own Room

  1. Lindsay says:

    When we moved into this place, I felt SO proud that Evelyn finally had her own room, after sharing one with me nearly the first two years of her life. I totally understand the fun in decorating for his room & picking things out for it. Evelyn’s room is by far my favorite room in our house now!

  2. pepibebe says:

    Great score with the chair and especially that super cool kitchen!

  3. Thanks! I am all about second hand stuff if I can get it. The chair is so comfortable. His crib was $50 with the first mattress.

  4. I knew you would get it! My dad had assumed I would have one room for playing and one for sleeping. Uh, no!!! Especially not now with L staying the night.

  5. pepibebe says:

    All our stuff is second hand too – I’ve bought some new storage boxes and baskets all 50% off, and a cute knitted foot stool yesterday for putting my feet on while breastfeeding as I have a cute old 50’s Lazy Boy chair that rocks but the footrest is really noisy and jolts the chair. The chairs are a bright/dirty salmon pink kind of colour, so will recover it grey to match his room. We’ve (Dad did it as I’m not going near the chemicals in paint) repainted a wardrobe that my brother and I had as babies, and came from my great grandmothers house. All the rest of his furniture and things like pram, cot, sheets, blankets, towels and clothing are 2nd hand. 🙂 We will buy him a new cot mattress as here in NZ they strongly recommend that to avoid cot death. I also ordered a baby monitor from the U.S. when Toku visited as it was cheaper than buying one 2nd hand here.

  6. Interesting with the mattresses. Here it is thought better to buy a second hand one so it has already off-gassed the chemicals a bit. There is a possible connection to SIDS and flame retardents. Either way, let it air outside after you buy it for as long as you can!

  7. pepibebe says:

    Ugh – so many differing opinions! Here for years they told you to wrap them in special plastic cover (which maybe is related to the chemicals), but now I think they’ve changed their mind on that. If we can afford we will get an organic one.

  8. This one I found him is organic. I couldn’t afford one new, that is for sure! There are also some wool ones that are naturally flame resistant and don’t have the added chemicals.

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