Mother’s Day Prelude

As this holiday approaches, I see signs, displays, and cards on our walks through town. I had been trying not to think about it much but today the gears started turning.

My first Mother’s Day as a mom, I was a bit out of it with a high needs newborn. I was excited to finally be a mom and didn’t care that I wasn’t celebrating it in any way. I did get a couple cards from friends and some comments on Facebook, so that was nice. I don’t know what I did for the second one. I probably tried to do something just us and enjoy the day a little more than normal.

This year, I have no plans. Wallace doesn’t have a daycare or other parent to make some cute craft and card with. He isn’t old enough to make something on his own. I have no plans with my mom (my step dad is in the hospital again) and don’t have any family traditions around it.

Instead of getting down about not having anyone to celebrate with and make me feel appreciated and special, I decided to turn it around. I can tell other moms how amazing I think they are!

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6 Responses to Mother’s Day Prelude

  1. Lindsay says:

    Love that idea!! I’m going to do it, too. Really thoughtful and will make you feel good too!

    It just so happens that Evie and I will be in Pennsylvania for my sister’s graduation that weekend, so my mom will be happy to have all 3 of her girls with her under one roof. I suppose being around family means someone may get me a card and wish me a good one, too!

  2. And you will get to see your mom!

  3. Lindsay says:

    Yeah, and get a mom hug! Maybe L will acknowledge it somehow for you. 🙂

  4. Maybe but it won’t make her any less awesome if she doesn’t. And she found my blog 😉 she only read one post, saw it was me, and said she hadn’t gone back.

  5. Sarah says:

    Lovely plan! My husband hilariously gets me cards from him, but pretty much never thinks to get me anything from our kids… ?? But it’s never been an issue for me. I’ve always enjoyed giving recognition over receiving it, and Mother’s Day is no different, particularly with the somewhat contrived economic scheme it’s always held for me. I love that my older two make me little things of their own volition, but it’s a bonus vs an expectation. I have a friend who became a first time mom last month, and I’m more excited for her than for anything this year!

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