Though I prefer to not have this blog password protected, I don’t tell people about it. I believe my dad knows about and could easily find it since I used his computer for so long. I don’t usually tell in person friends and definitely not family that it exists or how to find it.

Well, I had mentioned it to L, maybe because it is a pretty big part of my internal life, and then I accidentally mentioned wordpress. She guessed at some key words and found it! She read the most recent post at the time. There was a picture at the bottom and she realized she had found it. She didn’t think she actually would or that it would be so easy to tell.

L stopped reading after that and let me know she had found it. She felt like she had invaded my privacy though she does want to read it. I wasn’t mad or upset, seeing as she wouldn’t have known about it if I hadn’t told her it existed, but asked if she really wanted to read my diary and how she would feel about that. I highly doubt she will continue reading without my blessing and the password.

I am not sure how to approach this. I have over 3 years and 400 something posts on here. I have always written openly and hated having to password protect my blog for a few months. There is a lot of raw writing and vulnerabilities laid out – my weakest moments and trivialities.

So, what do I do? How do I approach this? I care a lot about L and believe this is definitely not a fleeting relationship. I feel like she has missed out on Wallace’s first two years and want to catch her up. It is also a lot of material! Any ideas or thoughts for me?

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4 Responses to Over-Sharer

  1. Lindsay says:

    I really think this is up to the two of you. Are you truly comfortable with her reading everything to “catch up”? Or would it be better for you to catch her up on your own, face-to-face, through sharing stories, photos, etc…?

    It’s good that she stopped reading, I think. It shows she respects your privacy, for one. And two, it wouldn’t really be fair for her to have this up close & personal window into your psyche and heart for the past two years and you not have the same opportunity (unless she’s blogged, too?) to catch up with hers.

    I think I wouldn’t mind if someone I was newly dating read the blog, but I would very much prefer for her to hear the stories from me, and make it a mutual thing (I share stories, she shares hers) face to face.

  2. We do share a lot of stories together and I have showed her pictures. I also added her on instagram. She definitely respects me and I trust her. I like your points. More thinking…

  3. Sarah says:

    I like Lindsay’s points too…

    I would wait. If the relationship isn’t fleeting, she can catch up in the years to come. If it is, you’ve saved both of you some heartbreak. I mean, I’m husband’s third wife (he’s very optimistic, what can I say, lol) and the first few years we were together, there was a lot of info I could not have handled. Now? Nothing about his exes bothers me. I wish them well. The combination of both me and our relationship maturing was key for us.

    And again, hearing things from you will have a very different impact in both of you than reading it as tho it were your diary. Maybe you could read selections to her? Such as Wallace’s early years, that kind of thing. 🙂

  4. I like the idea of reading some of the things together! I think some things would just be too hard for me to relive too. Her concern when I was texting with her earlier was things about exes. We have talked some about past relationships because they do impact who we are. I don’t think there is much on here about exes as it is, not sure because once I write I forget!!

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