Adulting: Plumbing Edition

I have a lot of thoughts on the subject of being an adult. It sucks at times and is really hard. I hate making phone calls, doing my taxes, and dealing with doctors (you know why if you have been reading for a while).

But right now, I am feeling like I’m kicking some adult ass! I, with the help of two friends, removed the old dishwasher. I found a used one on craigslist and bought it. My dad had bought the house from the bank and the dishwasher hadn’t been winterized properly so it was all moldy underneath. Last December he told me the garbage disposal had started leaking and he still hadn’t done anything about it by the time we moved back in in April.

The last step was the doozy and L and I did it yesterday. We had to remove the old garbage disposal, replace a pipe, put the new one in, and finish hooking up the dishwasher. We had to stop and make a run to the hardware store and there was a moment where it was leaking and we just had to stop for a bit. We ate dinner and came back to finish it.

I have always rented so my home repair experience is pretty minimal. We had to turn off the power at the circuit breaker and were both a little nervous because nothing was labeled right. There was plumbers tape and putty and wire caps and pipe adapters… all with a toddler watching and “helping.”

I was pretty damn excited to run the dishwasher this morning. I started hunting down the dishwasher soap I brought with me from Denver 2 1/2 years ago. Apparently, my dad actually bothered to clean and get rid of some things and gave it to his girlfriend last summer. I decided to try making some and I think it turned out well.


I have clean dishes!!!

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5 Responses to Adulting: Plumbing Edition

  1. Lindsay says:

    Damn, girl! How’d you even know where to begin?! I sure wouldn’t have a sweet clue.

  2. Sarah says:

    Awesome! And thanks for the link!

  3. The garbage disposal has pretty good instructions including variations for dishwasher and other issues!

  4. I’m super impressed!

  5. Next installment will be shelves in Wallace’s closet and a new dimmer switch for my room!

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