Menstrual Cup Review

Eight years ago, I learned about menstrual cups and decided to make the switch from tampons. I already didn’t wear deoderant or shave my legs so what harm could it do…? (I am full on hippie now seeing as I make my own laundry and dishwasher detergents.)

My coworker and I had each bought a Diva Cup from the Whole Foods near our work. I have always been averse to online shopping and that is the one brand I could easily get. I got the hang of it and used it for almost all of my periods until my wrist surgeries. I had to cut the stem some but could use it just fine no matter what I was doing. I often had a lot of soreness the first couple days of my period and couldn’t always get it situated properly. I never had any issues emptying and cleaning it in public because I rarely needed to. I think my periods got lighter and less painful when I started using it instead of tampons.

I knew that after pregnancy and birth, I would likely need a bigger size. My cervix has changed and I have really bad muscle tone as well as a possibly prolapsed bladder, though that seems a bit better than the first year. I tried my old Diva Cup a few times but found it was just too big and I couldn’t get it to stay comfortably where I put it.

Even though I got my period back when Wallace was ten months, which is really good considering I had to supplement breastfeeding so early, I only just now bought a new cup to fit my new body. I was nervous about buying something online and not being able to see it in person first. I was so nervous that whatever I decided on wouldn’t fit me and it’s not like it can be returned after…

I started researching and found this great site. She has spent a ton of time reviewing and comparing and researching and talking about menstrual cups. I saw something on there that made me realize I needed a softer cup and my lower cervix meant I probably needed it to be shallower as well. I looked at pictures and squish test charts comparing the Diva cup to others and decided on the US made Sckoon Cup. It is softer, more rounded, and the diameter at the top is almost the same.

I got it in the mail a few weeks ago and got to try it with my last period. Haven’t been this excited for my period to start ever! I really like it and it fits perfectly (I need to trim the stem a little). I am able to get it situated correctly around my cervix and it isn’t so stiff that it hurts me when it pops open. That is what I think was going on with the Diva Cup and agrevating already tender tissue. I decided on the small size instead of the large usually recommended for after pregnancy. I used the Menstrual Cups blog to compare diameters and felt the smaller size would be better. I am really happy with my decision and want to spread the word about menstrual cups!

I want to stress that it is important to buy one made by a reputable company with high quality pure silicone. You can find cheap knockoffs and co-op bulk orders but the materials used might not be safe. If it smells funny (pthalates), don’t use it. If the texture is off or it is not coming clean, don’t use it.

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12 Responses to Menstrual Cup Review

  1. Lindsay says:

    I haven’t had my period in 3 years now, but when I DID used to get my period like clockwork, I had been using a Diva cup for close to 5 years. I will never go back to using pads & tampons! I have never heard of the Sckoon Cup. I will be in the market for a new cup when my period starts back – gonna look into it!

  2. You still don’t have it?! Oh man, I hope it isn’t a doozy when you get it. Mine is much easier now than it was pre pregnancy. Your old one might still fit.

  3. Lindsay says:

    It’s crazy, right? My sister nursed her son til he was 3 1/2 and didn’t get her period that whole time. So I have a feeling mine won’t come til Evie weans.

  4. Did she nurse at night that whole time too?

  5. Lindsay says:

    If my memory is correct, he nursed through the night ’til he was 2 and then just did it off and on throughout the day times from then on.

  6. I used a diva cup for about ten years, but always found it a bit uncomfortable and made me feel like it was pressing on my bladder, and it often leaked. Still better than tampons, but I was never totally happy with it. So last year when it was time for a second replacement, I bought a Lunette cup, in the small size. It still leaks a bit, but is so much more comfortable. I’ve been tempted to try the sckoon as well (I have some of their pads, which are great!), so thanks for writing about it – it is good to know that it is less stiff than the diva cup. I’ll check out the links you’ve posted and plan out my next menstrual cup splurge!

  7. They are so worth it! I don’t like pads at all and tried some cloth ones too. The trick for me is to make sure I get it all the way up around my cervix. I think I used to be scared to really check it but now it is no big deal. The placement of the air holes on it make a difference too. These ones are angled down. I also saw mention of different ways of putting it in so trying different ways could also help.

  8. ruthmeaney says:

    I won a JuJu cup but fell pregnant the same month! After my daughter was born, period came back at 7 months despite her feeding A LOT! Have been using cloth pads which I love. So much more comfy and no skin irritation.

  9. I have a friend who ebf past 6 months and got her period back at 5 months pp. Not fair!

  10. ruthmeaney says:

    Darn hormones! And then a birth further on, when I ovulated my nursing aversion started. Woo.

  11. I get all antsy and irritated around my period these days.

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