Life Update

We have been back at my Dad’s for just over two months. Ten more to go…

I was pretty slow to get things set up at the community college. Not having a car makes it hard, even with taking online classes, because you have to go in and register. My dad is pretty absent and offers almost no help or use of his car. I had done as much as I could online and stalled out. I missed the deadlines for the spring semester. The English class I have to take goes spring/summer or fall. Fall will be cutting it close to have the grade turned in for Birthingway but it should work.

Last Friday, L took Wallace and I to the school. They walked around together while I went to admissions, advising, and registration. I am now signed up for the online preparedness class that is required before taking online classes. It opens June 22nd and am given to the 27th to complete it but the summer courses start the 29th. The goal is to get it completed by the 23rd and then check blackboard constantly for my grade. Once my completion grade is posted I should be able to register online for a summer class.

The school is small and there are about eight classes offered online in the summer. Nothing that would help me at Birthingway, but I want to take one anyway so I can get my feet wet and get used to the online format. My top pick is Human Sexuality, because why not? The other one I could take is Personal Money Management. I could definitely use help there! I am just waiting waiting for the IRS to send information to the school and then for this class to start.

I can’t remember how much I have talked about my wrist injury here. Over five years ago, I got hurt at work. I had to have two wrist surgeries, ten months of OT, a year of acupuncture, quit two jobs, and drop out of massage school. It was pretty life changing in a bad way, to say the least.

I had to fire my first lawyer and my second hasn’t been much better. There was a year he just didn’t call me back. The attorney on the other side has changed three times at least and we are on the second judge. We finally got the latest attorney to make an offer that included covering medical bills. It is probably half what I deserve without being greedy about it. Unfortunately she can’t offer more unless the judge orders it. To make that happen I would have to see a doctor of theirs to weigh in on my injury and deal with a lot of BS and going to court. I decided to cut my losses and just get what I can.

Problem is, when my lawyer sent me the paperwork, it went FedEx to my old apartment which then took the new tenant a few weeks to mail to me. When I finally got it and read it over there were six things wrong with it including the date of the injury and when I returned to work as well as a medical bill being taken out of my cut. I called my lawyer, took days for him to call back, and he told me to just sign it and they would fix it. Well, that didn’t sit well with me and after a few days I wrote out everything that needed to be corrected and mailed it back to him. That was a couple weeks ago with no word back so I called yesterday and left a message. More waiting…

I am not very close with any of my family. My dad and I were good but now that feels pretty crappy. My aunt, his sister, and I get along well a make a point to keep in touch but we have only talked once since we moved back and no visit has happened. I used to try to see them once a month since she lives near one of the LLL meetings and the chiropractor we were going to. I haven’t been able to see my grandparents or anyone else because of the lack of a vehicle. My little cousin had a birthday party but no one told me and my dad forgot and scheduled himself to work. Bummed we missed that one.

My mom and I have always had a rough relationship and I had thought when I had moved back before it would help us. It really only made the issues glaringly apparent. We have seen her a few times and Wallace remembers and plays with her more now. She has been very busy because my step dad has been in and out of the hospital since November. He is back in again and she has run out of sick days and FMLA and had to go back to work last week.

I am less hopeful every time he has a new problem. He has had an aoritic dissection, multiple congestive heart failures, a big surgery that left him in a coma for a week, a few smaller procederues, numerous CT scans that have messed up his Kidneys, and lots of other things adding up. So, yeh.

We have been able to see my mom’s side of the family once, for Easter. That was nice because we hadn’t been since Wallace’s first thanksgiving where he cried the whole way home and threw up from the stress. None of them have really kept in touch with me so it is what it is.

The family I worked for before had mentioned having me back but a day a week. It didn’t happen though and I think she didn’t want to let the other babysitter go. I get it but I’m a fan of direct communication especially since we are friends. I was trying to find someone who would want to bring their child to my place but nothing has panned out.

When I went to my WIC appointment, I stopped in at the breastfeeding support office. I chatted with a lady there who I hadn’t met yet. I told her my IBCLC plans and how I would love to work at WIC. Turns out she is leaving in July to move out of state and another woman, who I know, will be leaving in August to have a baby. Yay! I gave the woman my information and asked her to mention it to the other two I know and to please let me know when the opening is posted so I ca apply. If I had a car I would go to their support meetings so I could find out right away. I have tried searching online for where it would be posted when it is open but I couldn’t find it.

I can’t see it being worth it financially to get any other type of job. Nothing will pay me enough to pay for a car and childcare. My mom might be able to help in a couple weeks when school is out depending on my step dad. She would be thrilled to get to babysit. If it were for the WIC job that will count towards my hours needed to be an IBCLC, then finding a babysitter would be worth it.


Post nap cuddles.


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13 Responses to Life Update

  1. WIC jobs here are posted on the county jobs page. It is likely nothing is posted yet if she hasn’t left – even if they know they have to hire they can’t until she leaves. The jobs here are posted as things like “Office assistant 1” so you need to read through them to know they are for WIC.

    Sorry things are a bit crappy with your family. Tough it out a bit longer and then move to Portland. πŸ™‚

  2. Each state runs WIC its own way so nothing is consistent. The other time there was an opening I was given a flier for it and told to call the number on it. When I called I was given no information and couldn’t figure out how to apply. I tried to find info online through the county website, craigslist, anything, and nothing came up. The woman who is leaving to have the baby ended up getting it.

  3. That’s super strange! Maybe it is worth calling once a week and checking in?

  4. I figure I will call mid June and check in! I live by Flint in case you know anything about the area…

  5. Are you genessee county? I’ll keep an eye out.

  6. Yup… it is the only wic office here. No baby friendly hospitals. I know of only a few IBCLCs in the county.

  7. Okay, i’m looking at county jobs now and signed up for email notifications. Just don’t tell my mom- she’ll get the wrong idea.

  8. Lol much appreciated!

  9. Lindsay says:

    Lots going on! I’m glad you got the school wheels in motion. I am currently signed up to take a courses in the summer/fall, because I missed school and learning! I mean, outside of my own Google & reading, that is. πŸ˜‰

    Sorry to hear that things with your dad aren’t feeling so good at the moment. Hopefully it’ll all get back to feeling good again sometime soon. I would imagine sharing a home when things feel off isn’t ideal.

    It would be fabulous if you got hired on at WIC! I’ll send some good energy your way and hope that works out for you.

  10. Sarah says:

    You have so much going on! I hope things go smoothly with the online courses, and that WIC job would be great!

    It sounds like the move back has been a mixed bag overall, but L is wonderful surprise and it’s all a big step towards where you want to go, and I hope that keeps a positive light shining on it for you during the hard days!

    I’ve moved back home not just than once, thinking it would be a big positive for everyone, only to find it more of a growth spurt, and sadly but realistically, growth away from my family. Something about the stark contrast of distance and then having them in my face has really clarified where they need to be in my life, and tho it hasn’t been easy, it has been an overall healthier place to end up in, with better boundaries. Not sure that made sense, but I hope you get the gist of what I’m trying to say! πŸ™‚

  11. I just got an idea! Can you find the Oakland county listings too? Email me, please? My blog title and gmail.

  12. Will look after bedtime πŸ™‚

  13. Also, why wasn’t I following you yet? Doh!

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