Sunday Pancakes

I have been gluten free for over eight years and have speant this whole time searching for the perfect pancake recipe. Not half raw inside, not chewy, not falling apart. Light, flavorful, and cooked just right with enough crisp on the outside.

Gluten free baking is challenging. Flours absorb moisture from the air, they each weigh different than wheat flour, and you can’t just substitute for your old recipes. If you mess up, you eat it anyway because that stuff is expensive! You either throw down $6+ for a box of already mixed flour that might or might not work in your recipe or you amass a ridiculous amount of expensive flours in your pantry and freezer.

There was a point in time I wasn’t eating dairy or eggs to see if it helped Wallace. Pancakes were plain impossible… Vegan and gluten free? Ha! There was just nothing holding it together no matter what I tried.

Sometimes I just say F it and pull out a gluten cookbook. I throw together flours in an unscientific way and cross my fingers. They are usually edible but not great. One time, I dumped the whole bowl right into the garbage after my test pancake. Sometimes, I burn them while simultaneously under cooking. (I hate electric stoves.)

I have recently, finally, started learning to bake by weight. I requested a scale for Christmas from my mom years ago and have been reading about ratio baking on Gluten Free Girl. I started by making a flour mix from what I had on hand. It wasn’t the best because I ground the oats in a little food processor and used almond flour, both larger flours. So, I used oat, almond, brown rice, white rice, and tapioca starch.

I started with muffins and then moved to chocolate chip cookies. Today, I used almost the last of the mix to make pancakes from a recipe on the same website. They turned out pretty well!


I used a ton of butter like the recipe calls for so they feel a bit greasy and heavy to me. I managed to only burn one. I was nervous when I first mixed it up because it was very thick like a muffin batter. But the muffins I had done before I somehow miss measured my liquid and they were super watery like pancake batter… go figure! I will be trying these recipesa gain soon and hopefully keep improving my scale skills.

*For those who are curious, I even used to have a gluten free blog. My first blog! There weren’t many gluten free blogs around when I started it but I didn’t dedicate myself to writing on it regularly. It is totally defunct and I haven’t written since before getting pregnant. Read it if you dare.*

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7 Responses to Sunday Pancakes

  1. kayrosey says:

    I’ve experimented with gf baking, it’s difficult! For me, I prefer using beans or nut butters for heavy baked goods, and whipped egg whites for the lighter stuff, and just not using alternative flours. But I guess that means doing without things like pancakes…

  2. There is an eggs and plantains pancake thing but I think it tastes like French toast and not pancakes. I have a bean and egg brownie recipe that is good! I have also made a sweet potato pizza crust.

  3. Sarah says:

    We’ve been searching for the perfect gf pancake recipe for years too. We found a waffle recipe we love (and amazingly it works with Bob’s gd all purpose flour… !!) but haven’t even tried to make it as pancakes. Idk why that hasn’t occurred to me yet! Have you checked out the Minimalist Baker’s (blog) recipes? They put together their own baking mix, and it tastes OK but my husband didn’t love the texture. Too rice-y / grainy for him, and a bit more buckwheat than my son, the gf kid, prefers. I just got a bag of Bob’s red Mill 1:1 gf flour with xantham gum in the mix – it made a great pie crust, which as I’m sure you know is kind of amazing to find for gf eaters! It’s got me wanting to try to make a pot pie for the family. Not to sound like an ad… I too have a million flours stored away for different recipes!

  4. Sarah says:

    Uh… gf all purpose flour!! That’s a hilariously messed up typo, sorry!

  5. I don’t like fava bean flour and Bob’s tends to use it in a lot. What I like about the ratio mixes on gluten free girl is that you can find your favorite flour mix.

  6. Sarah says:

    That’s the best thing about the new 1:1 – no fava bean! But not as grainy with tapioca and potato starch. I haven’t ever mixed by weight tho. I should look into that!

  7. It is a lot more accurate by weight. Check the links I put in the post! I have tried a few 1:1 flours and they don’t work for everything.

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