I managed to finish my online preparation class thing today! It has a pass/fail grade of 80% and I got 202/209 points. I made some stupid little mistakes on the quizzes including one answer not saving before I hit submit.

I was so brain dead Monday from getting up at 4:40 and then yesterday I had a really bad migraine. I knew I could get it done today but it proves that I will need to be very dilligent when it comes to the real classes. I will have to make use of every minute I can and probably do a lot of reading outloud to Wallace. Any advice on managing full time care of a toddler, maintaining a house and cooking meals, and doing online classes is greatly welcome.

I had originally spotted a class about cross cultural communications that would probably transfer to Birthingway. When I was in with the advisor I was told it is only a spring class. I decided Fundamentals of Human Sexuality would at least be interesting and remotely related but when I went to register just now it was waitlisted. I then searched for all the online summer classes and guess what popped up? The communications one!

After registering for that I went looking at my fall semester options. The class I must take and have grades sent by December 31 to enroll at Birthingway is the basic English comp. There are two sections being offered so I headed to Rate My Professor. Option A has a lot of comments about never grading papers or putting them in the system. Option B has a lot of comments about a bad text book, horrible communication, and being really hard to pass. I’m conflicted!

I will wait on that decision. In the meantime I need find out if financial aid got my tax info and how many credits I need to take each semester to be eligible. Also, I am not very trusting in having just registered for my class online. I am so skeptical about technoloy and want an actual human to tell me I am ready to go!

I am now finding out that I have a bunch more I have to do for financial aid and loans and that it could take five weeks to process it all. It looks highly unlikely that I will be able to take a class in one week when I can’t even log into the account I just created and fill out forms for loans I shouldn’t need if the grant comes through.
Ready to scream.

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1 Response to Done!

  1. Sarah says:

    Argh! That’s got to be deeply upsetting. :/ I hope things come together for you.

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