Egg Carton Game

My mom and I were looking to see if there were any games we could get to start teaching Wallace turn taking and getting into games. It seems everything is made for 3+ and the few that said 2 year olds could do it looked annoying or lacking.

She then started looking on pinterist for some ideas we could make. He is right on the verge of learning colors beyond orange and he can sort of match. We decided on an egg carton game and I think it turned out well!


He insists on putting them in big side up.


To make it, you need an egg carton, a dozen plastic eggs, and something to mark the inside of the carton the same colors as the egg. I happened to see sticky notes at my mom’s in the exact colors we needed for 5. The orange was cardstock my mom had. I used the sticky part to put them in and I will probably use white glue on them in later. Maybe a cardboard carton would be better for gluing. Paper, markers, fabric or buttons could all work.

It isn’t really a turn taking game but he can dump them out, match the colors, and talk about it. I saw one when we were browsing online that had little felt egg whites and the yolks matched the shells. Then you had to match those, put them in, close them, and put them in the carton. I think I might make them for a little extra work!

My mom thought it would be fun to have him do an egg hunt outside so she went out to hide them. He walked up to them and said “oh Gamma…” Like “look what you did dropping all the eggs on the ground?” He did not get it at all. Oh well!


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