If you’ve been reading for a while or know me in person, it won’t be a surprise that it took me three months to find a doctor. Every place I called that friends recommended either doesn’t take Medicaid or isn’t accepting new patients. I’m grateful for Medicaid, and can’t wait to not need it, but it is also a pain in the butt. Doctors don’t want to deal with it, they don’t want delayed payments, and I’m sure there is a bit of classism going on too.

I’m very wary of trying random doctors due to previous issues we’ve had so I am really excited to have an appointment set for both of us. I thought of one more friend to ask and finally found a good possibility. I’m hoping she works for us and I’m very doubtful I will have the same issues as before.

I want to get some input on the chronic pain I’ve been having for two years and the butterfly rash I developed during pregnancy. It got so bad around Wallace’s first birthday that I went to the random doctor Medicaid picked for me. I was brushed off and referred to a podiatrist. I ended up trying a bunch of different things including homeopathy, nightshade free diet, herbal milk, vegetarian diet, decreased activity, and acupuncture. It has decreased and increased in severity but nothing seemed to consistently help. I also want my tongue tie revised and if I can get an ENT to do it that would save me some money. I’m hoping it will help my migraines and constant neck problems. It would be lovely if there were something I could do for my Celiac Disease but I have yet to hear of anything beyond dietary change and gut support.

For Wallace, new orthotics are high priority as he has outgrown his first pair. Next up is figuring out the cause of his low muscle tone and delays. He doesn’t qualify for Early Intervention in Michigan because the delay requirement is 50%. Basically he would have to be not walking to get PT. He can barely get two feet up to jump, can’t go up or down stairs without holding onto a hand and the railing, and isn’t running (fast walk but feet don’t leave the ground at the same time yet). His balance and core strength are pretty far behind still. If there is an underlying cause to these issues then he will qualify for services.

I’m sure other things will come up and I feel it is important to have a primary doctor. We haven’t had the luxury of that yet and I’m hopeful this one will be great for the 8 more months we are here.


His rounded sitting posture is another sign of low muscle tone.

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