MicroBlog Monday: Left or Right?

We try to plan for our kids, make good decisions, parent as best we can, but there is so much left up to chance and the combining of genes. I have wondered since he was born if Wallace would be left or right handed. My dad is a lefty but my mom and brother and I are all righies. My dad would love to have another lefty in the family.

Most kids develop a dominant hand between two and four years of age. Wallace started showing right hand dominance by the time he could sit independently at about 10 months. This was due to his low muscle tone and a need to balance himself while doing things. In the last few weeks he has started using his left hand more for eating, coloring, and other one handed activities. I’m excited that it might mean his muscle tone is improving!

When did your kids show a hand dominance? Did they switch back and forth a bit?

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1 Response to MicroBlog Monday: Left or Right?

  1. We’ve guessed left handed since Gus started using his hands to feed himself but just today i said it looks like right is catching up.

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