I was almost done writing a tutorial for another carrier and the app deleted it. I was so close!!! I just had to edit and add a couple links and captions.

I wish it wear easier for me to blog on the computer but I don’t get that kind of free sitting down time. I do most of my blogging while nursing Wallace.

When I get a chance to rewrite it all, it will be for this lovely carrier:


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11 Responses to Irritated

  1. Annoying! I’m intrigued!! What kind?

  2. It has been called a x-bu or panel less onbuhimo. I know I posted a couple pictures from it on instagram. It was a really quick sew once I figured out how I wanted it.

  3. Could you be convinced to convert one of my wraps into a onbu with rings or buckles?

  4. That is a scary prospect! The biggest issue is that I’m not compliant so that is technically illegal in the US. I don’t feel like I have the best pattern figured out yet and haven’t worked with buckles and webbing. The Sew Toot patterns just came out with a buckle-bu pattern and it looks like people are really liking it. I know there are converters, and yeh it costs more than a friend doing it, but they have a lot more experience with it. If I find another tablelcloth, I would totally make you something with it. That would be a lot of the same comfort for you and a lot less pressure on me, wheh.

  5. I used the sew toot full buckle carrier and it was awesome. I know I COULD make it on my own but i just never have the time to do it. Also, I’m terrified about cutting my wrap. Wait time for a certified converter are SO long. I think an onbu would be just perfect for Daniela. I don’t mind wrapping but she isn’t into it. Also, it’d probably be better for dylan who is a seat popper.

  6. Definitely good for seat poppers. It took me a few weeks to get up the nerve to even cut my wrap and hem it. Other fabric is so much easier. My one thing with buckles is not being sure my 19yo very basic sewing machine could handle it. I can do rings and a double ringed reverse onbu could be good for her. You can lock the straps in and put it on like a buckle-bu, or you can cross them and lock them in on opposite sides.

  7. Oh yeah, I like Rings too! Double rings would be awesome and actually would probably feel more secure than buckles.

  8. Does she like the feel of the padded straps like SSCs have?

  9. The sew toot has padded straps I think but I don’t know that Daniela cares. She may prefer them, I don’t find it makes a huge difference

  10. I meant to say that I think she just likes the ease of adjustment.

  11. Have you tried a podaegi? I think they are super fast and very versatile. The one I made for my friend with giraffe print blanket is super comfortable.

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